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Question about 1995 Eldorado

1 Answer

hard starting when the car is hot I have a 1995 eldorado that starts fine when cold but when it is hot, even after only a few miles, I have to step on the throttle to get it started. Otherwise it runs


hard to start when cold when does start dies in five minutes says it is over heating even when it hasn,t run in a couple a days Let's start with the obvious make sure the radiator has antifreez second


Question about 1994 Eldorado

1 Answer

hard starting hot of cold car starts fine idles fine when you try to accelleate car bogs and almost stalls and has no power when rpm's do come up has already had new filters checked are ok this is a ...

Question about 1988 Eldorado

2 Answers

...hard and not very warm.......ugh, what can I do? Is there a way to get the heat on without spending big $$ fixing the a/c right now? sounds like it is low on freon , R12 if it has not been converter ...

Question about 1993 Eldorado

1 Answer

hard to start when it's cold outside just replced battery will turn over but want start Has the car had new spark plugs lately? Usually hard starting in cold weather is caused by too heavy of oil or ...

Question about 1990 Eldorado

1 Answer

hard hot start Starts fine cold but after warms up its very hard to start without pressing all the way down on gas, even then it spits and sputters and will not pick up speed. When it cools down it ...

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