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...have a problem with 99 S-10 Blazer(power windows). Well no luck with the switches. I think I have a ground problem. I can open one door and nothing happens. If I open the drivers door and one other ...


...strap the tank never is touching the ground and lower the back end of the gas tank and you do all the rest of the fuel pump work over the back axle take the spare tire off to make room for you to ...


Question about 1998 Blazer

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...ground wire and strap( and hot wires too) check to see if there broke, loose, dirty whatever, start at the back around gas tank and work yourself forward. If you half to go to the dealers parts dept. ...

...seems ok. Tried to jump anyway just in case and still nothing. Any suggestions on what to look for? check to see if the ground strap is hooked up on the right side/passenger head to the ...

My 2001 Blazer just lost all power completely! Tried to jumpstart it and the interior and dash lights flashed for about 10 seconds and went dead again! What could be wrong? ground strap

...Jimmy 6 cylinder 2 wheel drive, with cruise control. Try runnig your own ground strap to the wiper motor,the brass strap they come with rots off over time or gets so corroded that the motor wiil

...lights when i try to start it and fuel pump wont come on 1997 blazer check batt terminals and all ground straps ,also make sure batt is fully charged most of the time I find the terminal is bad or ...

Question about 1999 Blazer

1 Answer

ground strap is in good condition and that there is no corrosion covering the ends of the ground strap. The ground strap is typically located near the firewall and is directly attached from the engine

following that harness and see if there is a loose ground. Other than that I don't have a clue. You might also check near the firewall and make sure the ground strap there was bolted to the engine

...ground strap to the center electrode (current flow) What your saying is your putting battery voltage directly to or at a switch terminal & the window motor is good,but not the switching or wiring ...

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