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Question about 1997 Blazer

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...spare....what a dumb system.....someone may have died, or been badly injured when this happened....GM should have recalled all vehicles that are using this system! Spare Protector Enterprises has an ...


...went Twice, Brakes Failed 3 Times, NEVER Ran Right again, Guages quit working, ON and ON and ON. GM will NOT honor these Recalls and Fixing them is REALLY Expensive. Just MY Opinion But, GET RID


Question about 1998 Blazer

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it still stops but acts as if it is slipper when it isn't. I can't remember the exact names of the GM products that wer recalled for ABS brake malfunctions, google the make,name, and year of your car

...GM has a recall on this but you would need to contact your local GM dealer and have them run your vin number too see if it qualifies for that campaign. The recall was issued in 2002 but to my ...

Question about 1997 Blazer

1 Answer

recall on it. Call any GM dealers sevice dept. wioth your VIN in hand and tell them that you've had a wiring issue (don't tell them of the fire just yet). and ask the service writer to run the

Question about 1997 Blazer

1 Answer any GM dealer and find out what the recall is. If the car is out of warranty the extent of the safety issue will decide if it is warranty claim or not ( ie if brake related or door

...lights. The lamps are fine but it simes the brake power isnt getting to the lamps Go to your friendly GM dealer and have them check your vehicle for a recall concerning the "Multi-function"

...GM recall list on this vehicle. There are problems with the multifunction switch, and the hazard light switch. The recall actually shows you what to do to narrow down the problem. Brake lights run ...

...evacuate and recharge air conditioning system and haveing to have the special tools to remove ac lines it may be a job best suited for a professional. GM UPFITTER Technical Bulletins GM RECALL ...

...key out, thus the battery drains down. I don't believe this veh. was one of the ones recalled by GM for faulty ignition switches your going to have to readjust your ignition switch which is

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