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Question about 1997 Esteem

3 Answers

automatic transmission problem My suzuki esteem station automatic transmission suddenly gear down to primer or first gear while running... wonder what the problem???... whew trans is hunting for gear ...


Question about 2005 Swift

3 Answers

Car gear change - Suzuki Swift Bit of an odd one, wondered if anyone could help please? I have a new Suzuki Swift (GL, 1.3l) which will occasionally, when changing into 1st gear, will 'think' it's ...


Question about 2005 Forenza

1 Answer

...problems but, some times the check engin light comes on but when you put in gear she gerks har in to gear the you push on the gas and the rpm's gos to 2 1/2 rpm's befor it wants to go. And some times ...

transfer gear stick stuck in 4x4 low vitara help after new clutch i put the gear sticks back which i removed both in the neutral find the transfer box is jamed how and why what can i do. i

problems are present starting with too high of internal line pressure causing harsh gear engagement, the second concern is your 1st gear clutch pack will not apply or there is major internal damage. I

...the revs don't rise faster that you're speeding up, and change gear by judging engine revs between gears. Don't keep driving it as it is, as you WILL have gearbox problems if you don't fix the

Question about 1999 Vitara

1 Answer

...problems could this be? Hi Highland Oak, By the sounds of this problem, your transmission is failing and may need to be replaced, Gears grinding, Not capable to use certain gears, A smell will rise ...

i have a suzuki jimny 1999 model,having a problem when you shift in 1st gear dan it wont go in 5th gear but if sometime it does go in 5th gear dan it wont shift in 1st gear..what could be the ...

Suzuki Ignis gearbox problem, can not select first gear. Intermittent problem with first gear, sometime it clears by declutching a few times. Most of the time it is necessary to turn the ignition off ...

Suzuki 1,3 auto swift gear box has problem changing from 2 to 1 driveengages with a clunk. Told it is software that needs reprogramming after a clutch change. is this correct? Suzuki Swift 1.3L 16V ...

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