Questions & Answers for: Dodge Grand Caravan gear problems


Question about 1999 Grand Caravan

4 Answers

...a 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan that I had from new, now it has 70K miles. Yesterday while driving the gear stuck in 2nd I think and will not shift and the Check Engine Light came on. I put it in


Question about 1992 Grand Caravan

1 Answer

the gear box not respond at the beginning of car work but its work later ,so i must wait for few minutes before locomotion , if you have solve for this problem please tell me There is a porportion ...


Question about 2002 Grand Caravan

3 Answers

Gear 3 ratio incorrect and P0870 Trans fluid pressure/switch c circuit. Any help with fixing this problem? First check and make sure the fluid is full. The most likely cause is a failed solenoid pack.

Question about 2007 Grand Caravan SXT Minivan

1 Answer

...a neutral saftey switch that prevents the car from being started in any foward or reverse gear. If the shifter linkage is out of adjustment, the neutral safety switch will give you starting

Question about 1998 Grand Caravan

1 Answer

...gear. Coming to a stop and shutting down and re starting can re set the trannie/computer? and then allows all gears to hook up. There is no clunking noises and all changes are smooth. l took it to a ...

...gear probably broke after other repair was done - problems are unrelated. No codes are showing up. Perhaps I'm crazy, but when I ran a shop, the vehicle did not go home 'till the problem was solved ...

Question about 2004 Grand Caravan

1 Answer

Engine rattle The vehicle seems to run fine until you turn on the AC and put the vehicle in gear, then it has a rattle in the engine compartment. The noise goes away when you raise the RPMs. Mechanic ...

99 grand caravan. When putting it into gear from 99 grand caravan. When putting it into gear from Park, it jumps and shudders and won't go into gear. Put into park and into gear several times and it ...

Question about 1998 Grand Caravan

1 Answer

will not shift into 3rd gear Problem within the gear box or a possible misalignment of the gear stick with the lever movements. Make sure there is no PLAY on the gear shaft . If so the gear must shift

Question about 1997 Grand Caravan

2 Answers

...PROBLEMS MAY EXIST, INTERMITTENT GEAR RATIO ERRORS ARE PRESENT. P0734 = Gear 4 Incorrect Ratio... First digit structure is: Pxxxx for powertrain Second digit structure is: P0xxx Government required ...

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