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Question about 1999 Accent

1 Answer

clutch problem i feel a vibration when my change gear therwe is also a noise when i change gear Hi, check out for worn out clutch plates . The second problem could with a worn out gear. Do all gears ...


Question about 1996 E-Class

1 Answer E230 Benz Hi, I have a problem with transmission system when it is changing from 1st to 2nd gear. The system is automatic transmission. Symptomp started by having a jerking feeling everytime ...


Question about 1998 Grand Cherokee

1 Answer

GEAR SHIFTING CAMRY 2004 2.4 XLI my mechanic changed the gear (USED) saying original gear is burnt out. This used gear is having gear shifting problem for 3rd and 4th gear. 5th gear does not engage at

Question about 1997 Tercel

3 Answers

...gear problems are either the 3 and 5th gear scrinco is badly worn and not stopping the gear from turning or the selector shaft is being blocked by the ball and spring indent .. But would say its the ...

and almost grinds a little. Once driving all is normal w other gears??? First gear and reverse gear run off the same band inside the transmission. the rest of the gears will start having problems soon

i have problem in final gear (lookup shift gear )when it should go to lookup gear it's back to 3th gear ...can any one have any answer? i have problem in final gear (lookup shift gear )when it ...

gear to hold the gears in place are becoming loose, causing the gears to shift harshly. Both problems have been the biggest culprit when the Ford Focus transmission experiences problems shifting gears

The car has gear selection problem despite the fact that i have changed gear box but the above mentioned problem persists. What is the cause of this problem. Thanks, from Martins. Gear selection ...

My toyota progress has Problem of engage gear. When you start to drive and the speed reach at gear number two the gear is engage and then disengage so the gear is not change to gear number three. look

...problems. 1. The throw out bearing is probably bad, and 2. This has caused some gear shearing within the gear box. Best fix is to have the gear box removed, cleaned, check for chipped, cracked gear ...

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