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...lights flash on and off the power locks flutter and the door ajar chimes. Check the rear lift gate switch. Or it could be that one of the doors or the rear lift gate is out of adjustment and


the back gate won't open is there a secert way or what? the key won't unlock it either ! terry It sounds to me like the latch is broken. If you can take the plastic panel off the inside of the hatch ...


Question about 1996 Voyager

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flashing lights rear wiper and ac lights are flashing what could be the problem and how can i turn then out. that's easy, bad connection at the ground wire in the tail gate

...Serpentine Belt Looking for tension Here's a link to both size motor diagrams... V6 3.0L V6 3.3L ...

I replaced serpentine belt, then had car aligned. Since the alignment was done, the belt has come off? Why? How do I repair myself? And the engine size is???????Alignment has nothing to do with the ... a compartment in a left rear compartment near the door. You'll see it when you open the rear gate. Check the left panel and lift the

Question about 1993 Voyager

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i have a 1989 plymouth voyager in a light keeps flashing saying gate open/ check gages what does that mean? See if the switch that turns the warning off is pretruding out far enough to hit the door ...

How to fix a Plymouth Voyager serpentine belt from coming off? it's a 1994 with a 2000 engine & 3.0 liter Hello anna29selena, This is a very common problem order Gates part number 38342K from your

...(-) Green/Yellow Right Front (+) Purple Right Front (-) Purple/Yellow Rear Speakers 6" x 9" Tail Gate Left Rear (+) Brown Left Rear (-) Brown/Yellow Right Rear (+) Blue/Red Right Rear (-) ...

...some time will not turn over battery when you turn key. radio, front & rear wipers, rear gate, also. but ac, window, lights in and out horn, after 1/2 hour or so will start. Start by ...

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