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Question about 2005 Impala

1 Answer

Gas gauge does not work MY gas Gauge does not work and also my temp gauge does not work properly. the temp gauge begins in the red and then operates as if it is upside down. My wvehicle is a 2005 3.4 ...


gas gauge not working 01 chevy impala. power mirrors not working. Also the gas gauge only tells you the real amount when you first start the car, otherwise its all the way on full or jumping all over.


...gas gauge up and down? ok i have 2005 chevy impala with a 3.4 in it...ok my question is my gas gas gauge go's up when i accelerate and then bounces down when i stop how can i fix this? thanks for ...

...gas gauge and temp gauge, is this correct? Maybe I can help a little they are right it is one unit. How ever each one has a sendding unit and are fused. Your temp gauge has a sendding unit your ...

Question about 2002 Impala

2 Answers

gas gauge bouncing during idle, not accurate at all and driver side heated seat not working...i only checked the fuse on that. The gauge float inside the gas tank may be bad. If the sensor isn't the ...

...gas gauge on my 2001 Chevy Impala has stopped working. How do I fix that and how much should it cost? u will need to drop the fuel tank and replace the fuel pump module which contains the gas gauge ...

Question about 2004 Impala

1 Answer when the car is runing and the gas level too For the speedometer check the cable check if it is properly connected. For the gas gauge try to check the floater or check the fuse for the gas

Question about 2000 Impala

1 Answer

...gas gauge stays full. Wont take gas and the gas gauge stays full? This question really doesn't make sense. But if you cant put anymore gas in the car and the gauge says full then you have a full tank ...

Question about 2004 Impala

1 Answer

gas gauge is not working most of the time sometimes it does also my speedometer works sometimes and than it doesn't. So i'm sure it can't be a fuse... I would check the fuses again. If you are sure it

...gas gauge and temp gauge is not where they are suppose to be the speedometer works. How can I reset it without buying another cluster? the gas gauge and the temp. gauge isn't working my power mirrors ...

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