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Question about 2006 Passat

2 Answers

fuel pump, they are notorious for acting unpredictibly when they start to go bad. My bet is in a week it won't start at all. Try banging on the fuel tank the next time it won't start, if that fixes it


Question about 1999 Passat

2 Answers

where is fuel pump inside fuel tank You don't need to remove the tank to get at the fuel pump. You can access the fuel pump by removing the upholstery on the trunk floor (it just lifts out).


...fuel pump. car stalled would not restart. repair shop says no power getting to fuel pump try checking the fuel pump or making sure you get good gas flo through fuel filter Could be the fuel pump fuse ...

1998 R vw passat tdi,no fuel to injector pump,fuel to filter.Is this fitted with electric pump? no the fuel pump is in the injector pump

...fuel pump that needed to be replaced. (which is located in the front) I do know that there's a high pressure pump in the front of the car. I think they're trying to charge me for the high pressure ...

Question about 1995 Passat

2 Answers

...fuel pump cover with three head cross screws 3. Undo the bid plastic ring that locks the pump down into the fuel tank. 4. Make sure to mark which direction the fuel pump is resting in the tank, then ...

Question about 1994 Passat

1 Answer

...fuel pump so I got it home and parked it, it sat for a while and we tried starting it later and it started right up ... ran for a day or two then died again then we replaced the fuel pump it started ...

Question about 2001 Passat

2 Answers

fuel pump and the feul filter right when i put it in it died? Water???? Hi, Geeeez! What are you thinking when you did that! You could follow these.... Now, first you must pull down your fuel tank and

injection pump wont injeckt gasoline to injectors did you check voltage to fuel pump, fuel pmp fuse, fuel filter, if you did, then you have to replace fuel pump hope this helps good luck!

...Fuel pump relay troubleshooting ? ------------  How to Increase gas mileage ...

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