Questions & Answers for: how to fix a fried htc Cell Phones


...fix it if the water did not damage the circut boards if the water damaged the circut boards then the device is fried a better solution is to put ur phone in a bag of white rice, and obviously the ...


Question about G1 Smartphone

1 Answer

fix a fried HTC Fortress? There isn't any software you can download to fix a fired HTC Fortress. It's a hardware issue. It might be able to get repaired, but it's best you check your warranty, if any,


Question about G3 Station 2TB USB 2.0 External HX-DU020EC Hard Drive

2 Answers

fried., Recommendation: go to Radio Shack and use one of their generic ones that match in both wattage and AMPS (VERY important), then save yourself some money by searching on eBay for an after-market

fix Blue Screen Error : Hope this information helps you. If you are interested in fixing it more easily and quickly. I think you can try this

Question about Thunderbolt (8 GB) Smartphone

1 Answer

...fried SD card? My SD card won't mount and won't read in my HTC TBolt, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, or HP Laptop. If anyone knows a way to fix this, please let me know! And no I did not back ...

Question about Vivid

1 Answer

phone got wet the phone got dropped in water it turned on after but the screen kept blinking on and off could still text and recieve text messages but then just turned off and wont turn back on can it

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