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Question about 1998 Range Rover

1 Answer

key fob for hyundai elantra not working my 02 elantras key fob does not work. when i press lock or unlock, the light on the key fob works but nothing happens. the doors do not lock unless i manually ...


Question about 2003 Freelander

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...Key Fob needs Programming Hi I have an 03 Freelander and I have some key fobs for it that need programming. Anyone know if i can do it at home? I dont think they are stock fobs, they cas "Lucas 17TN ...


...key fob's for my 1998 Land Rover Discovery? I bought my Dico used and only got one key fob so I am looking to buy a 2nd and I've been told I need to know how to program my Disco for both remotes. I ...

key fob for 1998 landrover discovery how to i program it to my vehicle Unfortunately you don't. It has to go to the main dealer or a suitably equipped automotive locksmith: reprogramming requires that

Question about 2006 LR3

1 Answer

...key fob You do not change the battery as it is re-chargeable. It is charged in the key fob unit while it is in the car's ignition and while you are driving the vehicle. If you have a spare key that ...

...have caused the problem thanks The RCDLR (remote control door lock receiver) could have failed, or the battery in your key fob is dead. The only way to get the immobilizer off is to use the key

...key FOB can't inserted to the key slot for ignition. before i was thought because of the battere is low, then i tried with the spare one, but it is the same problem. it won't accepted the key.. any ...

Question about 1996 Range Rover

1 Answer

key fob and everything ok other times nothing of key fob try to use key only unlocks drivers door and engine immobalised I have the same problem sometimes 1 Check the condition of your battery, if old

...key fob for 2009 land rover have a battery I have a 2009 Land Rover LR2-16 and the key fob is not working I pulled the key out of the key fob and it also is not unlocking the door no it works with ...

...the battery has been replaced it will need to be 'synched' to the central locking. A few links to help you - Key fob not working How To Replace Land Rover Freelander Key Fob Battery 2002 2003 2004 ...

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