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...sensor, but the service engine soon light is still on. This happens when the Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) does not reach 75°C (167°F) despite sufficient engine warm-up time. This happens usually ...


...ECT, "engine coolant temperature sensor" If your V6, is a 3.8, and not a 3.1 then it should be located (threaded in ) right below your throttle body at intake/block area. My guess is the sensor is ...


Question about 2003 Grand Prix

1 Answer 03 gtp is shooting a random misfire code, i changed the cam sensor, plugs wires fuel injectors ect. it stumbles if you give it a lot of gas , but idles fine,any ideas??? It may need a "CASE

Question about 2000 Grand Prix

1 Answer

need to find ect for 2000 grand prix the ect (engine coolant temp sensor) is located at the top left rear of engine, below throttle body.hope this is helpful.

Question about 1997 Grand Prix

2 Answers

...ECT sensor electrical connector. Right upper engine mount strut bracket. Generator brace bracket bolts. Generator brace bracket. Lower intake manifold bolts. Lower intake manifold. Lower intake ...

ECT) sensor connector. ECT sensor 3.8L Remove the ECT sensor. To Install: Apply thread sealer P/N 12346004 or equivalent to the engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor threads. Install the ECT sensor.

...Sensor ECT - Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor A/F - Air Fuel Ratio Sensor APP - Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor CKP - Crankshaft Position Sensor CMP - Camshaft Position Sensor EGR Valve Position - ...

pontiac grd.prx.3.8l what does the code:p0117 means ECT engine coolant tempature sensor low volatage reading . you need to replace it. It screws in to the intake manifold next to the thermostat ...

Question about 2005 Grand Prix

1 Answer

...check the back pressure on the catilist anything above 2 psi means they are clogged . otherwise there would also be a reason for them to clog sensor ect . also check the wires at the throttle ...

Question about 2004 Grand Prix

1 Answer

ect....the module does give specific codes as well...I have seen a cam sensor give the prob. you list, BUT TEST BEFORE YOU BUY,you can get your own codes from the a.l.d.l connector,under dash...take a

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