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Lost power, noise in engine bay, sounds like metal grinding Just purchased last week. Was working ok till yesterday - engine light came on... while driving and I lost power. I don't think the turbo is


2005 Subaru Baja Crank Shaft Position Sensor Where is the crank shaft position sensor located on a 2005 Subaru Baja (Turbo Automatic)? is there a problem using e10 ethonal in a subaru impreza wrx 2003


Why would the brake light turn on while driving and the safety brake is off on 2003 Subaru Baja? Truthfully the most common reason is that the sensor is acting up. In order to find out for sure have ...

Question about 2004 Baja

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wind noise 2001 subaru outback on drivers side DRIVES ME CRAZY!!! This is common issue you have to replace window gusset that the mirror is monted to

what does it mean when the oil temp light comes on in subaru baja the oil tempeture light comes on while driving It means that your oil temperature is too high. Have you changed your oil recently?

Question about 2003 Baja

1 Answer shaft (assuming you are talking about the front CV boots).1) Jack up the front end of the vehicle.2) Remove front wheel(s), track rod ends and slacken [don't remove completely just yet] the ...

Question about 2003 Baja

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CV boot leaking get a boot replacement kit  remove axle from suspension and trans. clean old grease out of failed axle, stuff new grease into cv joint and put new boot on shaft close to joint. ...

Question about 2006 Baja

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slips in and out of drive if the shifter has a cable it might be stretched out. otherwise bent rod or worn bushings could cause this problem. at the point where the shifting mechanism bolts to the ...

library. or try if they have it. or you may find a youtube concerning drive shaft repairs. You may want to reconsider your proposed repair? "If it ain't broke, don't fix it

I have a 2003 subaru baja (no turbo) and while driving on the highway had to almost come to a complete stop due to a sudden accident in front. since then I have a whining/grinding like sound when I ...

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