Questions & Answers for: Pontiac Grand Prix dont turn on


Question about 1992 Grand Prix

1 Answer Turn signals not working at all. They dont flash but the hazards do. On the dash they dont light up but the bulbs are fine. Any idea at what it would be????? change relay turn light ...


HOW DO I RESET OIL LIGHT AFTER OIL CHANGE? turn engine on but dont start . stomp gas pedal 3 to 5 times . then turn off . then start .


Question about 1996 Grand Prix

2 Answers

my turn signals dont work all the time Check fuses,check bulbs,replace flasher. try the turn signal switch on the steering column

Question about 2002 Grand Prix

1 Answer

dashboard light dont come on dashboard light dont come what could be the problem? a fuse or something yep most likely a fuse has blown or if you have a dimmer switch for the dash lights it may be ...

...turn sigs dont work.But lights are on? 2004 pontiac grand prix brake lights and turn signals not working. Lights are all on all the way around the car, but the turn signals do not work and the brake ...

...turn the wheel to 9 o'clock left andtiers dont move. when i reverse it locks my wheels up? clunks if i accellerate to hard? is this a prob with my steering or wheels? or both? This is a dangerous ...

...turn on. but i don't know where that is either. please help me... Dont get advice from a parts store. Find a shop that works on your type of car. You may have a temp door actuator thats bad. But dont ...

Question about 2002 Grand Prix

1 Answer

...turn the key I dont even get t starter click. the lights dont get dim or even flicker. Is there a fuse or relay somewhere that could be bad? Check for voltage on the purple wire at the starter when ...

when i try to jump start the car the started turns but dont ingauge before even turning the key it is with the ignition off STARTER SOLINOIDE IS STUCK+ /PINION STUCK IN RING GEAR

...dont work either u cant see the time ornothing. U can turn the knobs to change the stations but thats it. All the other buttons wont work. Does anyone know what this is. I have checked fuses and they ...

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