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Question about 1985 4Runner

8 Answers

...coolant system. Keep me post with your progress. well , I am leaning toward your head gasket going. What is happening is the coolant system (all new I see) is pressurising to the point of blowby . My ...


Question about 1993 4Runner

2 Answers

...u have a leak but that stuff is very bad on ur engine and coolant system and for the a/c system they make a flush kit that is sold separtley because that is freon that flows thru the lines not ...


...coolant system is not leaking and is full of coolant.If you want to tackle the job yourself you could purchase Haynes techbook # 10206 OBD -2 and electronic engine management systems or check your ...

Question about 1989 4Runner

1 Answer

system causing it to loose pressure and get hot. After fixing the leak and changing out the thermostat the issue remains. It's idling at about 2000 and when I put the car in gear it dies. Please help!

...coolant system. If there is no rust, the coolant is the orinigal coolant color and the engine is not overheating it does not need to be flushed. Follow the reccomendations of the coolant manufacturer ...

Question about 1995 4Runner

1 Answer

...coolant is steadily leaking out of drivers side somewhere in back of engine. 94 toyota 4runner? help... start by having the system pressure tested my best guess would be a heater hose or heater ...

Question about 1996 4Runner

3 Answers

system still. It needs to be bled sounds like there was a air bubble in the motor. but you replaced all that.then iwould change the thermastat. refill antifreeze and it should be fine. hope this helps

...coolant system through a cracked head gasket. When this happens, oil particles from the engine will often be blown in with the gas, causing pollution of the coolant system. The result is visible ...

...coolant system. Factory Red Toyota coolant isn't cheap, as much as $38/gallon. Make sure you use a 50/50 coolant/water mixture. I always use distilled water to be safe but I'm not sure if it is ...

Question about 1999 4Runner

1 Answer

coolant system holding pressure I was told my coolant system was holding pressure from a Toyota dealership, 2 days later my radiator cracked. does that have anything to do with that? and what would ...

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