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Question about 1996 Cirrus

1 Answer

I want to change my spark plugs How are the spark plugs and wires changed on a 1996 cirrus. is it a V6 or 4 cyl? V6 is quite complex, have to remove the upper intake to get at them


Question about 1998 Town & Country

1 Answer

...the search button then the blue link . Watch this video , your vehicle starting system isn't this complex ,but close . 008 Complex Circuit ...


...but won't start and fuel pump has been replaced. are u sure the pump is hooked up rite-it can git complex with an electric one-especially in the tank-inspect it is your fuel pressure regulator ok ...

...driven by the timing chain. here again you should install a water pump- timing kit. 2.7 is more complex and expensive to ...

Question about 2005 Pacifica Touring

1 Answer

it wont close at the end The sun roof operating mechanism is very complex and you should have the dealer only inspect this problem.

Question about 2001 PT Cruiser

1 Answer

how do i fix or disable my trac control alldata dot com it's all there and is complex. not something we can do in this silly text box. (and can not edit either , evil to the extreme that.....)

...number or reasons. do that tuneup not called the 60k mile service point list. did you.? cars ignored all fail, no car runs 300k miles service free, skip them and get stranded, (i promise) 1: lost ...

Question about 1993 New Yorker

1 Answer

...will make headlights flash on /off a bad module or computer glitch--or relay--flasher--etc--thats a complex electric system-even bac then--was the premium car--go to specialist-not a dealer and git a ...

Question about 2006 PT Cruiser

1 Answer

...maybe lose connection above transmission filter Lotta times its the solenoid. Automatics are so complex ...cud b many dependin on age. Accumalator valve is anothr. Gettn a trans flushd is often a ...

Perform service light came on at 1500 after oil change New cars are so sensitive and complex it can be as simpl as not enough oil or the tech left somethin loose. Look undr hood or tellum about it. If

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