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Ad see if wires are loose etc maybe disconnec battery for a minute to clear-computer cars are so ...


Question about 2000 MPV

1 Answer set cam and crank do you know the marks? complex job chains have coloured links to line up with gears and a set number of links between timing marks, best get a manual or a professional to do ...


Question about 2003 Civic

1 Answer

...number of unit, can look them all up. and even fix them. try a new , real CD, from a store, called CDDA , like Hank Williams. Does it play now. (yes, progress) you never said what CD you have, there ...

Question about 1995 Integra Coupe

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complex lights on car, huge number of lamps in side and outside. are ALL 20 dead ,side lamps. license, park, tail, dash , dash dim lights, ALL ? check the fuses. first. always for ever and ever, check

...number or reasons. do that tuneup not called the 60k mile service point list. did you.? cars ignored all fail, no car runs 300k miles service free, skip them and get stranded, (i promise) 1: lost ...

Question about 2007 Avalon

1 Answer

number. bags are called SRS your system is very complex and ties in to passenger classification controller, and you will never fix it guessing, if all fuses are good, it MUST BE scanned, and that is a

checks. A/T is complex. very complex. we use the number to tell us what test failed (monitors in TCM) and then do the tests listed, in the FSM to localize the true cause. sounds like you need service

...RPM Rises and car does not speed up that is transmission slip.
driveablity problems are the most complex. cept maybe noise.

we cant test drive it ,so it behoove that you
tell the full ...

...number 1-800-980-183 to use your account hassle-free. Our email experts can solve your complex issue within a minute. They are dedicated and always active in supporting you in a complex situation. To ...

...Complex castings tend to need additional core support and a number of thinner sand bars may be used resulting in fairly randomly placed small plugs. Cylinder heads are also sand casted from an outer ...

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