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Question about Chevrolet Silverado 1500

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back bumper on truck is pushed in, how do i pull it out you need new bumper brackets they have been collapsed remove nuts and bolts at frame


2001 silverado 1500, just put on new pads rotors and 1 new caliper, the brakes are spungy, the wheel with the new caliper is sticking and the front passanger brake too, i cant figure out why. Replace ...


My drivers side window doesn't move. when I power it down I hear the motor run but the window doesn't move. Would it come off track. What do i do to repait it new operating unit complete Certainly ...

when I go to fill up with gas it wont allow me to fill it very quickly.... takes like 20 mins. and sometimes it wont start, seems like it has something to do with the venting or something Crimped fuel

Question about 2002 Silverado 1500

1 Answer

my a/c compressor isnt getting any power and i have jumped the pressure switch and still no power You have a compressor relay open the relay and expose the switch this is now a tool (take out the ...

Driving on interstate. Noticed shimmy. Suddenly got worse. Felt like a flat. No flat. Noticed front wheel smoke from brakes. Had been smelling brakes right before. Can't see visible problem in brakes.

2008 Chevy Silerado has a terrible grinding noise in reverse and doesn't work at all? All forward gears are fine. Suggestions? My advice is don't causecany more damage more than necessary. Sounds like

my breaks are pushing back and cant stop why ? breaks are pushing back sometime what could it be you need to have your rubber lines inspected if they collapse internaly it will cause your problem ...

new rear brakes locked up,e-brake seems ok,calipers seemed stiff when retracted,master cyc issue or proportioning valve problem? quite possibly bad flex hoses at the wheels ,they do collapse and fluid

I have a 1986 Chevy Silverado with a 350 engine, why does my top radiator hose keep collapsing? The hose collapses because there is air in the cooling system. If the system is properly full, the hose ...

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