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Question about 2005 Forenza

2 Answers

...pipe. 6. Remove the oil pan flange?to?transaxle retaining bolts. 7. Remove the oil pan retaining bolts. 8. Remove the oil pan from the engine block. Cleaning Procedure 1. Clean the oil pan sealing ...


Question about 1995 Sidekick

4 Answers

pipe(over the ref-pos sensor), and if smoke stops, You don't need new engine :" I don't speak english too good and don't understand it fully. I have the same vitara. Blew loads of smoke to. All u need


Question about 2000 GZ 250 Marauder

1 Answer

...clean the carby out and now i have fuel leaking from my exhaust pipe based on the info.that you have given you had a fuel problem before you cleaned the carb. you have an exhaust valve sticking open ...

Question about 1991 VS 1400 Intruder

1 Answer

...fires on the rear carb and runs rough on the rear cylinder is the problem fuel or electrics. I have cleaned the carb and put an on line filter on fuel pipe and cleaned the tank.But after the engine ...

...pipe back to the firewall. You will come across the low pressure port. Normally the cap covering the valve will have an L on it. Normally you cannot connect the can to the high pressure port as it ...

Question about 2002 XL-7

1 Answer

...pipe going from reducer valve to the suction duct check its condition and leaks. if no leaks, then try cleaning MAF sensor (Mass Air Flow) installed on throttle body, also clean Lambda sensor ...

Question about 1997 GSF 600 S Bandit

1 Answer

clean loose end of the vacuum pipe place pipe between lips and apply suction nothing but air should flow through this pipe but this test will open diaphram in tap fuel should flow from other two pipes

Question about 2009 Grand Vitara

1 Answer

water dripping from ac inside cab the drain hole/pipe is blocked look under the car for the outlet pipe and clean the end of the pipe

...pipe is attached) is broken ?? Do I have to remove the dashboard? if you can see it you can glue it clean it so its spotlessly clean. (no mold etc) then RTV glue its seam. (point of leak) give it 12 ...

...pipe is not what could that be Dave: Your #1 cylinder ( the front cylinder) is not firing. It could be that the spark plug is fouled or improperly gapped, or the carburetor is not delivering gas to ...

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