Questions & Answers for: Mercury Tracer cigarette lighter fuse

Question about 1989 Tracer

1 Answer

FUSE JUNCTION PANEL SIDE) 20A Yellow Cigar lighter knob and element CIGAR 20A Yellow Cigar lighter OBD II 10A Red Data link connector #2 BLOWER 30A Light Green Blower motor relay HORN 20A Yellow Horn

...cigarette lighter The cigarette lighter quit working while useing a cell phone charger. Removing part of the console found the outer caseing loose tightened everthing back and checked the fuses. No ...

all windows wont go up or down do they have clips or just moters dont really know but do know i need to know for 1995 mercury car if any 1 knows please let me know thank you all the windows would ...

Question about 1993 Tracer

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ford escort lx fuse problem i was driving and my altenator went out and the fuse under the dash labeled "meter" also blew. Replaced the altenator and fuse and started driving and then the car died. ...

Question about 1994 Tracer

3 Answers

fuse for the lighter? I suggest check the position 17, 20AMP for Cigar Lighter (page 277 and next for FUSES)... This and other details can find it in your Mercury Tracer Owners Manual. Hope this help

Question about 1994 Tracer

2 Answers

1993 Mercury Tracer backup lights won't light even after replacement. Must be a fuse. But fuse box deoesn't have a label for the backup lights. Must be connected to another fuse. No owner ...

Question about 1993 Tracer

2 Answers

fuse diagram Interior fuse box under hood fuse box hope this helps you On this website (link below) you finde fuse boc diagram for Mercury Tacer Mercury Tracer fuse box diagram Auto Genius

Where is the fuse for the cigarette lighter in a 98 Mercury Tracer? in the fuse holder under the dash

cigarette lighter in my Tracer. It is really hard to reach the back of it. I want to replace the cigarette lighter, but it is hard to get to the back. How do I get it out? I don't know what year it is

93 tracer windshield wiper swich blowing 20amp fuse disconnected one of the two plugs on the motor,haveonly normal and high speed wiper no delay no blown fuse reconnect plug for delay the fuse blows ...

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