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Question about 43P8341 43" Rear Projection Television

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...change the coolant in these things properly. The more information that I get, the better. I had bought a service manual online, but it does not show how to change the coolant. It has a whole bunch of ...


Question about 2001 Grand Cherokee

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...coolant. After I changed it, all was well again. It's a Pull your oil cap, check on the underside, if its white and thick you need a head gasket. that would explaine why the dealer telling you that ...


computer, light after i changed the coolant sensor, i cleared the computer, the low coolant light still stays on Which coolant sensor did you change? The one in the passenger side tank in the radiator

...Change the coolant sensor, and the problem should go away. I'm in the UK. I have a 1998 Grand Cherokee. For 2 years I have been getting a 'Coolant level sensor bad' message on the message centre. Two ...

...gasket was just changed and coolant light lit up on startup. Coolant level is topped up and no leaks. reset the computer, if no change, replace the coolant sensor, but after reset it should ...

...change the coolant? did you remove a hose or just open up the valve at the bottom of the radiator If you removed the lower radiator hose then you may have induced air into the cooling system when the ...

...crank motor over it will push all coolant out and what it didn't would end up in crankcase and oil change would take care of that but un fortunately now only way to get tampoons out is to remove ...

Question about 1999 Malibu

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change, the ECM/PCM determines the engine coolant temperature. The voltage will be high when the engine is cold and low when the engine is hot. This information is used to control fuel management, IAC

Question about 60PP9352 60" Rear Projection Television

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...coolant change is all mechanical which involves removing the crt and disassembling the coolant chamber so it can be cleaned then reassembled and filled with coolant the phillips CRT coolant kit from ...

Question about 60PP9352 60" Rear Projection Television

2 Answers

...coolant level light flashing shortly after warmup. top hose on coolant overflow tank shows flow. Changed coolant overflow tank, changed thermostat, changed water temp sending unit. Added

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