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Question about 2000 S-10

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Starts and immediately dies put 2.2 4cyl 5-sp from 98 s-10 into 2000 s-10 and will not continue to run.Starts and immediately dies.Fuel injector signal?Can I relearn security or crank sensor without ...


CEN-TECH: CAN OBDII Code Reader #98568. To me it felt like, when I used to drive a Manual Transmission vehicle, I was attempting to start off in second gear as opposed to starting in first. Anyways, I


how to program computer on 2000 chevy s-10 a GM dealer with a tech 2 can program these only. some other mechanical shops such as GM goodwrench can also do this.

97 S-10, manual trans, 4WD, V6. wehn I engage 97 S-10, manual trans, 4WD, V6. wehn I engage the 4WD shifter, in motion or stopped, it hesitates to engage, then gives a loud bang then engages, then ...

Just Smog Checked my 85 Chevy S10 and it failed-the tech said the HC - 139 ,ave 43, 141 CO= 0.96 ave,0.16,0.98 111 32 124 1.22 0.15 1.31 what do these numbers mean and what part is in need of repair ...

Question about 1985 S-10

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I have a p1336 code. is it a bad sensor or a wire problem ? This is from updated GM service manual of mine. According to the GM factory service manual, the OBD-II trouble code, P1336, is defined as ...

i need a diagram of engine vacuum lines for 84 camira Im a automotive tech if u give me the engine size i can help u out

Have 2001 s10 extreme. Oil pressure low at idle,only goes up to15 pounds of pressure at 2000 rpm. motor run great,no noises. Been like this for about 7 months change the oil and filter-use 20w50 oil ...

throttle housing diagram for 1996 Chevy S10. 4 cylinder pick up truck Diagram for 1996 Chevy S10 P.U throttle housing Sorry I have the tech to send diagrams . However I do have the factory manual for ...

what causes broken teeth in flywheel Hi I am a tech mechanic its years of wear or starter put in wrong also check piston out make sure its not locked up

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