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Question about 42PC3D 42 in. Plasma Television

2 Answers

...lg ic is equivalent to the stk795-811a. The reason the i.c fails is as follows. The 2 220mf 160v capacitors dry out due to heat, replace the capacitors and install 2 computer fans on each heatsink ...


...problem costed me only $5.00. If you can solder, all you have to do is replace the high voltage capacitors. I replaced the following caps: C2409: 47uF 160V C2561: 47uF 160V C2414: 1000uF 16V


...capacitor will have more metal showing.usually they are the ones closest to the heatsink.they get hot and fail.when replacing use 105c rated capacitors.2.2 at 160v and 4.7 at 160v are the common

...and the tv works and a nice picture, I hook up cable and sound no picture. any body have idea Bad capacitor behind FBT 100uf ...

...capacitor 250v 47uf and 160v 47uf. no change. hav also changed power ic tea1507p plus tank cap 420v 220uf. still not coming on. have a professional take a look at it to see whether there is any ...

160v of the electrolytic capacitor (out of chopper) for b+. If you haven't a b+ then the problem is on the regulator section alone. Check your regulator if good, you better swap a new one if youre not

Question about FD Trinitron WEGA KV-34HS420 34" TV

1 Answer a mcz3001 or str ic or mxoa ic.  Check for 160v across the main capacitor for 160v to see if your power supply is working.  Do not use chassis ground.  Use the ground on the

...for 30 min and switched on,works for 15min and switch off.WHAT IS THE SOLUTION. May be bad capacitors, 450v and 160v replace them genuine ...

Question about V223W LCD Monitor

1 Answer

160v in big filter caps. You could have a faulty power supply. If the capacitors have a blown (deformed top) then they are faulty. Replacing these capacitors with new ones may fix the problem provided

Question about V223W LCD Monitor

1 Answer

...a second the television shuts down Removed and checked the power supply unit and confirmed the capacitors C905 220uF 420V was measured at 200uF C926 22uF 160V measured at 21.6 uF C908 10 uF 100V ...

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