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Question about 1999 Montana

1 Answer

air.What's up with this? Try checking the cabin air filter, if equiped. It may be clogged making it draw more cold fresh air. Check your owner's manual to see if you have one or not, and it's location

Ad used A/C works on front but does cool at the rear of van? check to see if the cabin filter is clogged witch will restrict air flow and limit circulation. the filter box is located in the glove


cabin air filter on my 05 montana? I have a 2005 pontiac montana sv6. Where is the the cabin air filter and how do I get to it to change it? Thanks In the Glove compartment on the left hand side there

Question about 2004 Montana

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lack of heating in the cabin lack of heating in the vehicle cabin but the engine shows normal temperature check antifreeze level most likely low they have to be treated specially they need burped. ...

...cold and not cold sounds like it might be a little low on freon and/or might need the cabin air filter replaced,try replacing the cabin air filter first,its located behind the glove box,hope this ... may be an issue with the C-305 connector. Its a pass-thru connection for wiring (from inside cabin to outside/underneath). It connects various wires for things in rear of vehicle(including ...

Question about 2000 Montana

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...poke a hold in the evaperator. If you clear that it should fix your problem. then check that you cabin filters are in place. if there insatllewd wrong or missing you can get **** falling into the ...

Question about 2002 Montana

1 Answer

not blowing enough air If the blower motor is working correctly, have you checked to see if the cabin air filter is dirty ?

heater fan blows fine in all speeds, but not much air comes out of ducts? check your cabin air filter and see if it is plugged way up. These cost about 20 dollars to replace.

...cabin, cold outside, transmission gone...starts less smooth sometimes Transmission problems aren't enough. as soon as the gauge hits the red registers to the top of heat within seconds. The ...

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