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Question about EWR20V4 DVD Recorder/VCR

1 Answer

...Mart will not do anything anyway. But the machine will not come on. Most units have a fuse on the circuit board that must be soldered on. Some power supply components can be replaced through ...


Question about FLM-3225 32 in. LCD Television

1 Answer sometimes minutes after first start, sometimes hours. One other problem, none of the information package that came with the TV or calling the Wal-mart that we bought it from can give us any ...


Question about PSP (Piano Black)

1 Answer

...get the battery for PSP? for psp (piano black) You can probably buy one at Wal-Mart or some game store, like Gamestop. Heres some from their site - ...

Question about 926 All-In-One InkJet Printer

1 Answer

...mart purchased black ink from wal-mart for dell's photo printer 926, then had an allignment issue. Now printer window says change left cartledge. Is there a problem with wal-mart's ink? Purchased the ...

black and wont come in the middle of watching a movie the screen went out disk seems fine works in other players, audio fine. and ideas? It sounds like you have a circuit overloading. But, is this one

Question about Xacti VPCX1200 Digital Camera

1 Answer

...wal-mart but it came wth a black spot on the screen. then another small black spot happened again and i want to know what can i do to remove them. should i take it back to wal-mart? Yes, take it

Question about BRAVIA KDL-V40XBR1 Television

2 Answers

i only see screen in black and white. with cable, wii, my laptop is display in color thru a vga cable. what can i do? Marte. Is menu of the TV and / or on-screen display in color or black and white? i

I couldnt . said to get in touch with you to reurn wal-mart 3d5 cosmo black. netendo. item #ctrskaaa. serial#cw112843922. upc#05496719210. bought Dec.13,2011at wal-mart usa Sell it on craigslist

Question about Immersion Blender

1 Answer

...Black and Decker subsequently sold its Housewares business to Windmere-Durable Holdings Inc. in 1998. Our initial small household appliances are now considered obsolete and literature and parts are ...

...on Epson Glossy Photo paper Cannot print a phot on Epson Photo Glossy Paper, but will print on Mart photo paper, why Your printer may need you to replace the "matt black ink" with "gloss black

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