Questions & Answers for: Volkswagen Jetta battery fuse


Question about 1997 Jetta

1 Answer

...fuse for the radio while recharging the battery.... or what could be wrong.... any suggestions......... Radio fuse sounds like a logical place to start. Be sure you check all your fuses. Theres ...


Question about 2002 Jetta TDI

2 Answers

...fuse number? After battery vent dead, need to reset radio by pulling fuse. It is not marked in fuse box and no fuse list is in mannual. The Fuse number is..... drum roll..... 42 .... And you don't ...


Question about 1996 Jetta

1 Answer know where it is located because I was told by a mechanic that the car possibly blew an engine compartment battery fuse. yes he was right ,their is a black box just back a bit from the battery

Question about 2005 Jetta

1 Answer

...because it was dead, however when I replaced the battery my radio did not turn back on. I have a 2005 VW Jetta GLI check fuse in fuse box also possible inline fuse in in wiring harness to radio ...

Question about 2000 Jetta TDI

2 Answers

...fuse sizes (a digital photo is also a good idea) before starting, so you don't introduce problems. Try disconnecting the cable that runs between the alternator and the battery overnight. If the ...

battery fuse melted, alternator showing good at fuse ,but when reconnected gets hot and starts to melt If this is one of the battery box top 3 green fuses, then your not alone. The receiver terminals ...

fuse box is just sitting on top of the battery and the battery cover is gone. I have replaced cylinders 2 and 4. I don't know what I'm doing, but we are figuring most of this stuff out

Question about 2004 Jetta

1 Answer

...battery charger has a fuse it is likely to have blown if there was a spark. It would then not be charging your battery. A low battery may not quite start the car. Also If you did not connect directly ...

...the battery ,,,,, if it is a fuse i do not know the fuse number but it will be a low ampage fuse ,, usually a 5 amp fuse ,,, most cars have a few fuse boxes now so look for two fuse boxes at least

...fuse. You can pop the hood, find the battery, and try to trace the wire from the battery to the radio. There are two types of fuses used--a tube (glass tube) and a blade (standard and micro). If by ...

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