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Question about 1993 Eurovan

1 Answer

no spark condition trying to revive a 5 cyl 1993 eurovan after someone hooked up battery cables backwards and fried the electrical system. i replaced a distributor, and i get readings that there is ...


Question about 1993 Eurovan

1 Answer it wants to start and sometimes starts for a few secounds then dies.... I checked the fuses, battery and alternator.. Thay all are fine... Could it be a dirty accelerator cable, and if so


battery but cant check fuse box at passenger side because dead locks are on and cant open door anyone know of a problem or if it is a fuse and how do you remove dead locks with no power in van Did AAA

Question about 2004 Eurovan

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...won't start vehicle died at intersection while waiting for light. It would not start afterward. battery is good 12.5v ,ignition switch is good,as are fuses. The starter never cranks so no load on ...

fuse. check the very thick cable that runs from the battery positive to the starter motor to make sure it isnt heavily corroded either at the batter or starter end. corrosion will have to be quite bad

...battery in the remote.then lock the car with the key and hold key over for 30 secs.then press the unlock button for 30 secs if it unlocks then the car has reset itself. if not could be

...Battery fully charged and everything was working fine. Is there a relay or something that could make it just cut out while iding? It feels like a fuse or something wierd. Change ignition ...

...fuse's and the key battery checked they are both ok I'm a bit late with this solution but you have to push the unlock button on your key TWICE in quick succession - that will un-lock your remaining ...

...pressure regulator Hello. You should look in the engine campartment to look for the first fuse panel and it should be close to the battery area. Also look into the owners manuel to be sure. Good

...fuse protected for the highest amperage that the radio/player may draw when it is at maximum wattage, meaning CRANKED UP! It must be connected to the positive cable coming from the battery, safely ...

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