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...fuse, make sure the battery is disconnected before attempting this. Check the rest of the fuses especially the EFI fuse. Usually the ALT fuse only blows if the battery was recently jumped BACKWARDS. ...


...the fuses. If the ignition contact was on when you fitted the new battery, it may have overloaded and blown the fuse. Also check that the battery cables are good contacts and tight. Hope that ...


...think this has any connection with battery change ? please help Yes, I believe when you changed the battery it was shorted, some sparks must have flown ? Go to your fuse box and replace those

Question about 2003 4Runner

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...i have no power to the truck dont know i checked the altinator someone told me to check the voltage regulator please help try taking the fuse out first, hook up the battery, then put the fuse back

1992 Toyota 4Runner has a full charge in the battery but has no power to lights,starter, stereo, etc. what could the problem be? its a 2.4L 4cyl 5spd First, make sure the battery is hooked up ...

...fuse to make sure they're ok..Rodney Absolutly no idea with a play under the bonnet with my automotive multimeter ,but iam in accordance with rodney here to check all the big heavy fuses first ...

...positive battery terminal instead, this is a fuse and will burn out inside the insulation if there is a short, check it using a 12 volt test light, you can get fusible wire from the auto parts

BATTERY TO THE FUSE BOX IS MELTING WHERE IT ATTACHES TO FUSE BOX and caused my abs fuse to blow first 2 months ago my battery had a bad connection and found out the wire connecting from the battery to

...?? Yes one of the relays could be draining the battery. I would open the fuse and relay boxes and try to find where the noise is coming from. If it is a relay, pull it out and see if the noise

...battery , test the fuse with a test light , if you are satified that is the problem , Disconnect the battery, negative first, then positive..You may want to remove the battery to give you a few extra ...

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