Questions & Answers for: RIM BlackBerry get back off


Question about BlackBerry 7520 Handheld

2 Answers the back battery cover when you have done this push and hold the power off button while still pushing down the power off button remove the battery and put it back while still holding the button ...


Question about BlackBerry Pearl 8100

3 Answers

...back to this already super bright when set to off. I've read a couple other forums for this same problem but the only advice found was to go to the store and get technical help for it. Please and ...


...back off. the LED light on the front keeps flashing red. ive taken the battery out and everything and nothing seems to work. help please! my phone wont stay on and when it does come back on it shuts ...

Question about Blackberry Curve 8300

1 Answer

...back on. I have never turned it off before and not sure how to turn it back on. just take the battery out of the phone wait 10secs then insert the battery back in and it should work or you could have ... And when I take the battary out and put it back in it will turn on but then i can't move my cursor and then the screen turns off. I left the battary out for 8 hours and put it back in and the ...

Question about BlackBerry Curve 8310 Smartphone

1 Answer

back off as soon as it boots back up. Im not sure whats wrong with it check your battery terminal. I had this same problem right out of the box. it would only stay on for 15secs shut down and continue

Question about BlackBerry Storm 9530 Smartphone

1 Answer for a second then when i go back to custom profile it's back on. when there is any changes made in the settings make sure you save those settings changed ..... Imagine you have changed the ...

Question about BlackBerry Storm 9530 Smartphone

1 Answer the back light. Action: Press and hold button. Result: Turns off the BlackBerry smartphone. State of the BlackBerry smartphone: Unlocked and the back light is turned off Action: Press and release ...

Question about BlackBerry Pearl Smartphone

1 Answer

...shuts off and when i turn it back on it stays on for about 10 seconds then shuts off. i dont know what to do. do a master reset...but make sure you back up phone sounds like a software ...

Question about BlackBerry Pearl 8120 Cellular Phone

1 Answer

...the back of your phone off and take the battery out. Leave it out for a minute or so and place it back in. Replace the back of your phone. Power it back on. Retry sending messages. I hope this

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