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Question about 2002 Sentra

1 Answer

...air filter, since you most likely used aftermarket one and that's what killed that MAF sensor/meter. Aftermarket air filters dont sit right in the box and are not oil soaked, which helps to catch any ...


...air filter I have 1999 Nissan Sentra GXE Limited Edition w/ the 1.6L engine. I have oil blowing into the air filter. Any suggestions on what to look for ? First off, nothing "blows" into the air ...


Question about 1998 Sentra

1 Answer be near the air filter box? I didn't think it was in the MAF sensor on this particular vehicle, but I could be wrong. Is it in the MAF? IT IS ON THE HOSE THAT BRINGS AIR INTO THE AIR FILTER ...

...plugs, air filter, cabin air filter and PCV Valve. There are no spark plug wires, distributor cap or rotor and the fuel filter is in the tank, not requiring replacement for the life of the

cant locate iat senor on a 1999 sentra Follow the plastic tube from air filter box to your engine. The iat is closer to the air filter box, you will see a large connector attached to sensor.

...out at vents you should change the air filter. behind the glove box is the location of the a/c air filter. 1. remove glove box 2. remove filter cover then replace with new one. hope this would

Question about 2007 Sentra 2.0 SL Sedan

1 Answer

...air filter??? The cabin air filter on this vehicle should be located behind the glovebox.You will need to remove the glovebox to get to the access panel for the cabin air filter.Pull the cover off ...

...air filter located on a nissan sentra 1996 On a carbureted GA series engine, the air filter is located on top of the carburetor (the carburetor is just behind the engine) inside the black casing. On ...

Question about 2002 Sentra

1 Answer

...air filter and used NISSAN only air filter. something tells me that you had non nissan/aftermarket air filter installed and that is why your air flow meter failed. you need to use nissan air filter ...

air filter was put into my nissan sentra gxe with a 1.8L engine. It will start and idle, but won't rev much past 2000 rpm's. The filter was rmoved and the car sat in the sun all day hopi A wet

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