Questions & Answers for: Logitech QuickCam 640 fine


Question about QuickCam Messenger Web Camera

1 Answer

Quick cam messanger ..Mic is not working I have Logitech Quickcamm - Messanger .. camera is working fine but the mic not working ..kindly provide me the solution for this issue.. Regards,Bala I had ...


Question about QuickCam Express Web Camera

1 Answer

logitech mircrophone hey, i have a logitech microphone, i dont know the model, it plugs into the back of the computer into the microphone input port. Its a headset too. it used to work perfectly fine.


Question about QuickCam Pro 5000 Webcam

1 Answer

No Self Image When on Skype, recipients can see and hear me fine and I can see and hear them fine...but I cannot see myself in little screen. I would suggest adding a mirror next to the pc monitor. :)

Question about Quickcam IM 961361-0403 Webcam

1 Answer logitech if your camera indeed is Quckcam Im personal web camera then the maximum resolution is 640 x 480

Question about QuickCam for Notebooks Deluxe

1 Answer

mic trouble hi!i've a quickcam deluxe...and of late the integrated mic doesn't work properly...during the conversation registration volume decrease slowly...since my caller can't ear anything!! I have

logitech quickcam stx has bandwidth problems with skype i just bought the thing - when i opened it there wuz no software so instead of goin' back 2 the store i downloaded the driver from logitechs ...

Question about QuickCam Communicate STX Personal Web Camera

2 Answers

...P/N:861092-0020 M/N:V-UM14 don't have the software anymore for logitech quickcam STX 640 x480 I am a novice please help me?!!! ...

Question about QuickCam Connect Webcam

1 Answer

Problem in Installing Logitech QuickCam Connet to MAC OS. Previously I was using QuickCam Family.. it was working fine. Anyone can tell me from where I can get softwafe for this which is MAC ...

How to start Logitech QuickCam Express on EEE PC w/Xandros OS How to start Logitech web cam QuickCam Express on Xandros Linux OS. I do not have any sort of driver. My ASUS EEE PC works fine and has ...

Question about QuickCam Pro 9000 Web Cam

1 Answer

FINE. TALKED WITH LOGITECH..THEY HAVE NO CLUE WHY IT'S NOT WORKING Quick Cam 9000 Error code 0x80004005 I was able to get it to work both by itself and with other software on my (HP Media Center Win 7

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