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Question about 2006 330i

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'service engine soon' light I recently had the serpentine belt break and be replaced on our BMW, now the service engine soon light is on and I don't know how to reset it, can anyone ...


my car is misfiring what could be causing this problem and how do you fix it sometimes the car runs good and sometimes the misfiring is more noticeable. Probably a coil or the connector that goes from


how do I set marks on a 2004 bmw 330i TIMING CHAIN BMW Camshaft Timing and Vanos Unit Installation bmw 318i timing marks Google Search

timing chain There aren't any. If you are asking this question, you probably shouldn't be attempting to remove or replace the chain. You must have a special tool that sets the sprockets in the correct

I HAVE WASHED ENGINE WITH WATER ENGINE WONT START NOW It will eventually, it just has water round the plugs and distributor. You could leave it in the sun with the bonnet (hood) up for a day, or spray

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