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I can't find crankshaft sensor, am I looking in right place! I can't find crankshaft sensor, am I looking in right place, logic tells me that it is right behind harmonic balancer at front of engine ...


Question about 2003 Grand Prix

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Crank shaft Sensor How to install a crankshaft sensor on a 2003 ponitac grand prix gt After replacement of crankshaft position sensor, the computer needs to have the crankshaft position system ...


Question about 1997 Grand Prix

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not getting fuel belt broke ,went in behind crankshaft pulley,pulled the pieces out & replaced belt,now car wont start,acts like not getting fuel There is a sensor for the crankshaft. You may have

...prix gt 3.8L EnginesDisconnect the negative battery cable. Remove the serpentine belt(s) from the crankshaft pulley. Please see Section 1. Raise and safely support the vehicle. Remove the right ...

Question about 2003 Grand Prix

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Crankshaft firing postion sensor Could anybody tell me where this is located I think you have two crank sensors one on the bell housing the other behind the vibration dampner. At least the last one I ...

Question about 2006 Grand Prix

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...main seal once the protective sleeve is removed. NOTE: Use a clean lint free cloth to clean the crankshaft sealing surface. Remove sharp edges or burrs that could damage the rear main oil seal. ...

...on harmonic balancer bolt as you tighten harmonic balancer bolt it will draw pulley back on crankshaft when you get to torque requirements the crankshaft bolts will become tight and the

Question about 2001 Grand Prix

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what is crankshaft sensor The crankshaft sensor is normally near the front pulley or as in some fords, it is like a distributor, It normally gear driven by or reads the crankshaft

Does the crankshaft have timing marks on it The crankshaft doesn't. But the gear that goes on it does. It is a small triangle or a dot. No the timing Marks are on the timing gears on the end of the ...

How do I replace a Crankshaft Position Sensor in a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix SE? I had the codes read it was PO336 and my son says it needs a Crankshaft Position Sensor. I got one and I need details on ...

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