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Question about 1995 Ninety Eight

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1995 Old 98 Regency elite with3.8 v6 Sometimes it won't start if you wait 5-10 minutes it will usually start have the crankshaft positioning sensor checked out


...Could you tell me what they mean and what I have to get fixed. P0336 and P0442 Thanks. PO336 IS THE CRANKSHAFT POSITION SENSOR WHICH SHOULD BE THE ANSWER TO PASSING INSPECTION SINCE IT IS A ...


...on a 1990 Oldsmobile regency 98 3.8 liter This is what I found on the 98 Regency instructions:Crankshaft Damper REMOVAL & INSTALLATION Disconnect the negative battery cable. Remove the

Question about 1993 Ninety Eight

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leaking antifreeze by crankshaft First check for antifreeze in your oil. If you have antifreeze in your oil you have a blown head gasket. Ifnot you probably have a bad water pump. The pump is above ...

Question about 1996 Ninety Eight

1 Answer

...sensor located You have to remove the passenger front wheel and plastic cover so you can see the crankshaft pulley. The sensor is located behind the crankshaft pulley to the front of the motor. it also backfires through the exhaust at high rpms Probably timing. Aim a timing light at your crankshaft, and see if the mark is jumping back and forth irradically. It should be staying in one ...

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