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Ad permanently on when the Engine is on. I checked electronically and its says check Konck & Crankshaft sensor The knock sensor is not a huge deal to replace and will not turn on the light. It ...

Ad know which way to bolt it on as the holes are not offset in any way Align the dowel pin on the crankshaft to the smallest hole on the dual mass


what is the very bottom pully called on a 2004 xterra? bottom center??? Crankshaft pulley.

...and checked ecm Make sure the timing chain has not broken.Then ,if it is not broken,replace the crankshaft sensor.If this was at all helpful,please rate,thank

crankshaft sensor on a 2000nissan xterra where is it located and how can it be replaced crankshaft position sensor location for 3.3 V6 engine is mounted at the rear of the engine on transmission ...

replace crankshaft sensor on 2000 nissan xterra need to replace the crankshaft sensor the crankshaft position sensor is directly behind the driver side cylinders, about 8 inches or so to the left of ...

picture/location of crankshaft position sensor 2003 nissan exterra just need to see where crankshaft position sensor is The location is in back of the engine on the top of the transmission The ...

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sensor crankshaft I need changed sensor crankshaft This is a 2005, but it should be very similar.

probably stuck in flywheel. 1. disconnect battery 2. use correct size socket w/ratchet and turn the crankshaft on front of motor. the bolt is inside crankshaft pulley

...#1 plug if possible. put straw or something similar in plug hole on top of piston, put a wrench on crankshaft pulley nut and rotate engine. when piston gets to the top it should be on tdc. and rotor ...

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