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...pump aside with the lines attached. Lift the vehicle. Remove or disconnect the following: Oil pan. Crankshaft pulley and hub. Timing cover bolts. Timing cover. If necessary, tap with a rubber mallet ...


Question about 1990 Cavalier

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crankshaft position sensor location where is the crankshaft position sensor on a 1990 chevy cavalier 3.1? And how do i replace it? 1990 Chevrolet Cavalier 2.2L TBI 4cyl The Crankshaft Position Sensor ...


Getting no spark and alredy changed coil packs and wires check crankshaft position sensor. Have you replaced the crankshaft sensor?If not replace it.If this does not help,replace the ignition module.

need to know where the crankshaft sensor is and how to replace it 2.2L/2.4L Crankshaft position sensor is mounted on bottom of ignition control module, or near the ignition control module. The ...

What causes a crankshaft to crack? I got an oil change and a new air filter, and later that day my car wouldn't start and I was told that my crankshaft was cracked. COLD oil when introduced into a HOT

Question about 2004 Cavalier

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...2.2L Engine Fig. 1: The timing marks on the sprockets should be in alignment. If not, turn the crankshaft until the marks are aligned Fig. 2: The timing chain tensioner is retained by a Torx

Question about 2003 Cavalier

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...Front Seal is leaking. Question: Does the engine need to be pulled to replace the seal? No. The crankshaft pully can be removed through the right wheel well area. (This is the hard part) Once the ...

Question about 1998 Cavalier

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...gets to hot...yet the temp gauge doesnt go past the middle? What you are experiencing is a cam, or crankshaft sensor that is going out, probably the crankshaft sensor. Replace it and you should be ...

Question about 2003 Cavalier

2 Answers

how do i get the timing gear on the crankshaft The timing gear has a rectangular groove in it that fits over a woodruff key pressed into the end of the crankshaft. Turn the gear in the proper ...

2001 crankshaft sensor changed now car want start car was misriring parts store said it was the plugs,wires, and showed crankshaft sensor was going bad. Changed all, now my car want start.sounds like ...

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