Questions & Answers for: Toyota Tercel f 26


still getting code 26 after changing O2 sensor. 94 tercel. had 25 and 26 now only 26 if it is the o2 sensor heater circuit,the car needs to be idled for 2 minutes after cold start then driven for 3 ...


Question about 1993 Tercel

1 Answer

code 26 flashing light thru my dashboard code 26 your carburator is too rich or 02 not working. Make sure air filter is not plugged, if its not when the engine is cold to touch or if it warmed up can ...


Question about 1995 Tercel

1 Answer

...transmission after unknowingly driving around with incorrect tires. I work for Nissan and have for 26 years and i have seen chain tire dealers like Walmart, Sears Roebuck, Midas, Tire ...

Question about 1987 Tercel Liftback

2 Answers

...3e I found this on ebay. I don't know of any free service manuals. A Haynes repair manual is only $26 at any parts store. Or try local libraries, most have lots of repair manuals as

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