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Question about 2000 CBR 1000 F

4 Answers

how fast? How fast is a stock Honda CBR 1000? 280 km/hr I had mine clocked by coppers at 308ks got the ticket to prove it ride free 185 MPH 54z6345


Question about 1988 CBR 1000 F

2 Answers

...1000 km and at the 6000 km before my second service sudendly a noice was heard from the engine . it was like somthing broke . i took the bike to the mechanical engineer and he told me tha the machine ...


Question about 1998 VTR 1000 F Firestorm

1 Answer

Service Schedule for 1998 Honda Firestorm. At what mileage do valve clearances, cam chains etc need checking?? max mileage valve service is 20,000 km

Question about 2009 Civic

1 Answer

1000 km, one day I noticed the flashing of the low oil pressure indicator, and some noise from the engine, I stopped the car and called the dealer, they came and towed the car. by that time it has run

Question about 2007 CBR 1000 RR Fireblade

2 Answers

...1000? You do not count how much mileage it has before changing clutch, it all depends how you use the gears and clutch...I had a cg125 and I had 40+ k miles and the clutch was absolutely fine...Just ...

Question about 1993 XRV 750 Africa twin

1 Answer

1000 Km after it got to 50,000 KM and I was wondering if it is normal or if the top end is going bad. Thanks Pat if there are no obvious leaks it probably is the piston rings not sealing, but it could

Question about 2008 Accord

1 Answer

oil life 15% it mean you hawe run with this oil ca 1000- 3000 km Take time to go oil service.

Question about 2002 VTR 1000 F Firestorm

0 Answer

...a wonderful day. Trouble hot starting 98 honda vtr 1000 wont start SuperHawk Forum Honda VTR1000F Service Manual Honda VTR1000F Firestorm Owner ...

...1000 V Varadero rocker cover gasket blown the bike was ridden for about 50 km sat idling for about 30 seconds went to take off, bike coughed a large cloud of blue smoke. still ran ok however oil ...

Question about 2008 XR 250 Tornado

0 Answer

...KM WITH MY XR 250 AND IF POSIBLE HOW SHOULD I DRIVE Hi, Anonymous the answer to this question is way above my pay grade for this situation, I would call or visit my local dealer or reputable shop's ...

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