Questions & Answers for: Jeep Grand Cherokee 1000 km service procedure


km) increments. Reset Service Distance (Displays Only if Service Interval was Changed) When this feature is selected the current accumulated service distance can be reset to the newly selected service


Reading for the DTE on overhead console is wrong I am getting wrong readings for the DTE on the overhead console readout. Everytime I fill up the tank, it gives a completely different reading. Check ...


procedure, reinstall it to its proper position. Connect the Heater-A/C system vacuum supply line connector to the tee fitting near the heater core tubes. Unplug or remove the tape from the heater core

Oil turning black after 800 km. on 2000 in-line 6 Jeep Charokee The engine is running fine but after about 800 km. the oil begins to turn tar black. if your jeep is a diesel it is normal for the oil ...

I'm looking to purchase odometer km for 1993 Grand Cherokee Jeep Hi I'm in Spain and I'm looking to purchase an odometer in KM to replace the one I have in Miles, the car is a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Question about 1993 Grand Cherokee

1 Answer tranny service @60000. If it won't go into Over Drive then you have a transmission problem that needs adjustment or repair. If your saying your Right Hub will not lock into 4 x 4 then there is a ...

Question about 1994 Grand Cherokee

1 Answer

KM to service. What Light blinks showing 4741 KM to service. What does that code mean? Thank you! means that you need to take your car to a mechanic for routine maintenance in 4741 kilometers worth of

Question about 1995 Grand Cherokee

1 Answer

km till service" what does this mean "o km till service" means you are to take it to the dealer and service the engine,. they will reset the computer after you pay the money to service it...

Question about 2004 Grand Cherokee

1 Answer

hello just I want to know how many KM i can drive by full tank in My 2004 Jeep G.C 6V its making around 270 Km by full >>>>its right help me please ? The tank holds 65 litres. You should ...

Question about 1996 Grand Cherokee

1 Answer, or 1865 miles. I'm not going to change my oil every 1865 miles. I have had other cars where you can change the interval to 3000 miles, 5000 miles, etc., but I can't figure out how ...

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