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How to I change the Km to Miles on my Cadillac CTS 2003? Some cars have a "KM / MPH" button on the dash. or its in the drivers info menu? The owners manual should tell you .


How to change speedometer from km to miles how do i change from km to miles on my 2004 cts


Question about 2006 CTS

2 Answers Turn on the radio, hit the dial button on the right once, turn it to the english-metric selection, and hit it again. That's it it should be in your owner manual you can also stop by your local ...

Service ABS< stability and traction control,engine lights all are on and engine oil shows nothing on stick about 1000 miles after oil change and when I put gas in my vehicle it takes a while before

...service engine light is on and I am told it reads torque converter Sounds like P0741 code. Run a self diagnostic. If this is your code, it will likely trigger the check engine light when you're ...

...1000 rpms. Idles at 0. ??? Your probably going to have to bring the car for service. When it is idling and reading 0 can you rev the engine? Does doing this change the tachometer reading or no? When ...

change from km to mph on 2010 cts how do I change from km to mph Driver Information Center has access to change this setting

Question about 2002 Deville

1 Answer

change km to mph 1 mile is 1.609 km (20.4/31.2 mpg-imp) (17/26 mpg US). It seems to me that there is no way to do without the help of a service center. Although in general it's strange that you have similar problems with Cadillac. ...

Question about 1999 DeVille

2 Answers (3,000 miles) or sooner if the CHANGE ENGINE OIL message is displayed. Reset the oil life monitor when the oil has been changed. Resetting Procedure Press the INFORMATION SKIP button on the DIC ...

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