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Anonymous Posted on Aug 29, 2005

What is the purpose of the filter clamp? How do you attach it?

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  • Posted on Aug 29, 2005
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This clamp attaches to either the firewire cable or the USB cable. It is used to reduce electrical noise or interference that can be created by radioactivity or other electrical equipment in the area.

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Bought a new fuel fitter for my 02 Kia sportage the line in attached fine on filter but the out won't attach

just a question did they give you the right filter . some of there so called parts people do not know one car from another even with the book in front of them , the filter should attach even with a hose and clamp which most are on that way

Fuel line problem at fuel filter conector, 1994 Buick Century

I know the feeling well when this happens. I to did the same as you and also did the clamp, but found the best way was to yous a crimp tool for fuel lines and its not come off since its like the tool to put brake lines on to the calipers and then you put the rubber hose onto it and using a fuel line clip to hold the rubber in place. has lasted the last 5 years now with no problems.

I cannot attach auxiliary power cables to the battery in a saturn sl2 1994. The battery terminals have a seal around them that disallows any 'normal' battery connection to take place.

I had a problem with attaching to the fuse box relay tap. The fuse box received a poor connection and the car had trouble running. I ended up using small hose clamps to clamp the wires to the exposed terminals directly. So I guess the moral of the story is: "In order to solve electrical problems, you need plumbing know-how". Thanks for the feedback guys.

Fuel pump/replacement

  • 1

    Open the hood and prop it.

  • 2

    Open the cover to the under-hood fuse box and locate the fuel pumpicon1.png relay. You can find the fuel pump relay by reading the diagram under the fuse box cover.

  • 3

    Remove the fuel pump relay by pulling it up with your fingers.

  • 4

    Crank the engine for approximately 5 seconds and repeat three times. The engine won't start, because the fuel pump relay is removed and will just crank. The purpose behind this is to relieve fuel systemicon1.png pressure so that you can safely remove the fuel filter without fuel spraying dangerously.

  • 5

    Locate the fuel filter on the passenger side of the engine compartment. It should be black and cylindrical with two fuel hoses attached to it.

  • 6

    Unscrew both hose clamps with a screwdriver and pull the hoses off.

  • 7

    Unscrew the bracket holding the fuel filter with a screwdriver and remove the fuel filter.

  • 8

    Install a new fuel filter onto the bracket and tighten the bracket with a screwdriver

  • 9

    Connect the two fuel lines to the new fuel filter and tighten the hose clamps with a screwdriver.

  • 10

    Reinstall the fuel pump relay.

  • 11

    Start the Kia Sorento and make sure there aren't any leaks. It may take a few cranks to get the fuel circulated through the system for the car to start.

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    Culligan n8 black hose fell off and water was flowing out until i turned off the valve how and where do i re attach thx

    If the "black hose" is about 1/2" in diameter it attaches to the drain elbow on the left side of the valve. Use a hose clamp, cut some of the drain line back (about 2") slide it back on the drain elbow and clamp it on the elbow.
    If the black hose is 3/8" it attaches to the fitting on the salt tank, which attaches to the float.
    If it broke because it is brittle I would go to any water treatment dealer and get a new piece of "brine line" to replace it.

    How to replace cabin and fuel filters for 1996 acura 3.2 TL?

    For the fuel filter:

    Removal & Installation

    Many Acura models are equipped with a theft deterrent audio system. Make sure you have the necessary code before disconnecting the battery.

    1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
    2. Properly relieve the fuel system pressure, as outlined in Section 5 of this manual.

    On 2.2L and 3.0L engines you may have to remove the engine wire harness bracket and power steering feed hose clamp.

    1. Wrap a shop towel around the fittings and, using a proper flare nut wrench, slowly loosen the fuel line fittings.

    1. Remove the banjo bolts from the fuel lines.
    2. Remove the fuel filter clamp retaining bolt and the clamp.
    3. Remove the filter from the vehicle.

    A through cleaning of the high pressure hoses is recommended before installation.

    To install:

    1. Install the new filter and tighten the clamp mounting bolt to 7 ft. lbs. (10 Nm).
    2. Attach the banjo fittings with new washers in place.
    3. Tighten the banjo fitting bolts to 25 ft. lbs. (33 Nm).

    On 2.2L and 3.0L engines you may have to reconnect the engine wire harness bracket and power steering feed hose clamp.

    1. Connect the negative battery cable, then start the engine and thoroughly check for leaks.
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    Where is fuel filter located on 98 sidekick 4dr auto 4wd 4cyl?

    1. Raise the vehicle. Check to make sure the supports are safe and secure. Take a drain pan and several clean shop rags to mop up any spilled fuel.
    2. Crawl under the right side of the vehicle between the front and back wheels. Set the drain pan under the fuel filter to catch any fuel that drains from the lines.
    3. Press the fuel line clamp tabs with a pair of pliers and detach the fuel lines from the fuel filter. Slide the clamp down both fuel lines away from the fuel filter while maintaining pressure on the clamp.
    4. Note the position of the fuel filter inlet and outlet nipples before removing the fuel filter. Remove the lower clamp bolt and loosen the clamp adjusting bolt. Remove the filter from the mounting clamp. Lift the fuel filter out of the mounting clamp.
    Install the Fuel Filter:
    1. Work under the vehicle. Slide the new filter into its mounting clamp. Tighten the adjusting bolt until it's snug. Turn the filter in the clamp so that the inlet and outlet nipples are in the same position as before removal. Tighten the adjusting bolt. Put the lower clamp bolt in position. Tighten it securely.
    2. Connect the outlet hose to the top filter nipple. Connect the inlet hose to the lower nipple. Push the fuel lines up over the nipples as far as possible. Compress the fuel line clamp tabs and slide the clamp up each line until it is secure over the nipple.
    3. Position the clamps at least 1/4 inch from the connected end of the fuel lines, making sure the clamps are set over the nipples. Start the engine and allow it to idle. Check for fuel leaks and make the necessary adjustments. Turn the engine off. Lower the vehicle.
    Oh and if you missed it, filter is attached with a bracket to a crossmember in front of the fuel tank on the passenger side.
    Thank you for using fixya and be safe.


    What is the consequence if the rubber bushing from air filter to carburetor is leaking, or if not seated properly . while replaceing is it need to be glued on the filter casing.

    The consequence will be unfiltered air being drawn into the engine. If there's no other means of attaching it to the filter housing (like a clamp), then try attaching it with some weatherstrip adhesive from the autoparts store.

    Fuel filter at foer escape 2001 4w chenging

    start the engine  open the hood and remove the system fuse 
    the engine will stall, the pressure is now relieved 
    the fuel filter is in front of the fuel tank, driver side 
    wear gloves/saftey glasses and have a fire extinguisher available (who knows!) the filter will have 2 hoses attached at either end. white/yellowish clips attach these hoses. feel for the top of the clip and push the 2 ends in and down. you may have to use a screw driver to pry the bottom of the clip as well. pull the bottom of the clip down, it will not come out of the coupling completely. repeat for both lines, pull lines firmly off of filter. unscrew filter from hose clamp. approx 6-10 oz of fuel will spill from lines and filter. you should use a pan. install new filter, in same direction as last. insert new clips into coupling, discard old. clip on "out" side may be reused if an R clip. tighten clamp on filter, attach hoses. push in clips to lock. inspect for leaks, wipe entire area clean of fuel. insert fuse and attempt to start. Cycle the ignition to run and off three times before starting to pressurize the fuel line. Good luck and hope this helps.

    I need to attach my battery cables... please help

    There are two types of batteries in use today. Top terminal type is found on top of the battery normaly found in older cars. These are metal posts that on the battery and the cable terminals has basically a metal clamp that fits over the battery posts and is tightened to create a good contact. To remove the terminal end from the post loosen the nut on the bolt and insert a good size screw driver into the clamp so as to wedge it open and free it from the battery. Trying to pry the clamp up off the post could easily damage the battery. The least amount of force applied to the battery post the better. There is actualy a puller made for this very purpose and can be found at most auto parts stores.
    The side terminals are, as the name indicates, are located on the side of the battery. Unlike the post on a top terminal battery there are two threaded bolt holes on the upper side where the cable eye terminals are attached. This only requires the removal of the bolt with the proper size wench.
    In both cases the other end of the negative cable is normaly attached to the engine block for a ground. You just have to loosen the attaching fastener and replace the cable end. The positive end in most cases is attached to the starter but just follow the cable to it's attaching point and remove the fastener and replace the cable. It always advisable to coat the terminal ends with and electrical sealer made just for this purpose that can be purchased at any auto parts store.
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