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I have a sanyo vpc-sh1 camcorder. The image on the screen is blurry. If I view the old photos/videos on the memory card the images are clear. But if I take new clip the image appears very blurred. I can't see what I'm videoing. I've taken the battery in and out. Cleaned the lens externally. Its as if the lens with in the camcorder has an issue.

Posted by rupab on


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SOURCE: Blurred image

Samsung's SC-HMX20C is small. Real small when you consider the resolution at which this thing captures at. The unit can fit within one's palm, and while it is a bit heavy, toting it around in a cargo pocket wouldn't be entirely out of the realm of possibility. The device itself felt extremely solid, the flip-out LCD was sturdy, and overall, we were very impressed with how it fit in our hands when shooting. It should be noted that the SDHC / MMC+ card slot is tucked behind the same door as the battery, but it's not like you have to remove the battery to access the card slot. Additionally, the video outputs are hidden behind a small door which is concealed behind the flip-out LCD. Not a problem for us -- just letting the quirks be known.

User Interface

Touchscreen LCD monitors can always be hit or miss, particularly on handheld camcorders. We're pleased to say that the flip-out touch panel on this unit was undoubtedly useful and well implemented. The screen did have a thing for maintaining fingerprints, but it never became more than a minor annoyance. It recognized haphazard touches and only misread our true intentions once or twice during an entire week. Our only real dig here was the slight pause between menu switches; momentary lag was introduced when traversing between a deep menu item and one closer to the top, but it never proved to be anything more than a slight irritation.

The menu system itself was exceptionally well-crafted. A "Quick Menu" button pulled up the six most popular selections (Storage Medium, Resolution, White Balance, Focus, Exposure and Shutter), and at no time did we feel the screen was too cluttered with options. The in-depth menus were yet again well thought out and easy to navigate, making on-the-fly tweaks relatively easy to achieve. Switching between Movie Mode, Photo Mode and Playback Mode was even simpler, as Samsung provided a dedicated button just beside the Photo Capture button solely for swapping between that trio.

We also appreciated the twin record and zoom buttons; users can zoom in / out and stop / start recording by hitting the thumb buttons on the unit itself or by selecting them on the flip-out display. Again, a minor -- albeit thoughtful -- touch. Overall, the SC-HMX20C was designed for the average joe / jane to pick up and fire up without ever having to tear into the user's manual. Sure enough, the only time we ever referenced said pamphlet was just to make sure we didn't miss anything while surfing around the UI ourselves. Granted, this also speaks volumes about its intended audience. Yeah, it does 1080/30p and 1080/60i (along with 480/60p and an SD-only SlowMotion mode), but this camcorder isn't made for professionals. That being said, folks obsessed with archiving every single family outing in stunning HD will find plenty to love.

Gallery: Samsung's SC-HMX20C 1080p camcorder hands-on

  • sc-hmx20c-hands-on-001_thumbnail.jpg
  • sc-hmx20c-hands-on-002_thumbnail.jpg
  • sc-hmx20c-hands-on-003_thumbnail.jpg
  • sc-hmx20c-hands-on-004_thumbnail.jpg
  • sc-hmx20c-hands-on-005_thumbnail.jpg

Video performance

Okay, so the UI is remarkable, but how's about the actual performance? First off, we were quite amazed to find that the 8GB of internal storage space could hold around 71 minutes of 1080/30p or 1080/60i in Super Fine mode. Knock those resolutions down a bit (but c'mon, who is going to do that?), and you can fetch upwards of 2 hours without even slapping your own SDHC card in there. A fully charged battery showed about 90 minutes of life, and even with heavy LCD use, it proved quite accurate.

Capturing video was a cinch, and we really appreciated how the camcorder kept track of files internally. Upon connecting it to Windows XP and OS X-based machines, it simply mounted as a drive and enabled us to pull the (very manageable / playable) MPEG-4 clips over to our computer's hard drive. Simple as that. Be forewarned though -- playing back said clips via QuickTime requires a pretty potent computer. Otherwise, Full HD clips will skip and stutter as your rig attempts to churn through.

Overall, we'd have to say we're pretty pleased with the unit's ability to log clips. Yeah, we wish that totally novel SlowMotion mode was available in HD, and we wish the low light performance was a touch better (as with every other camcorder out there), but we really can't find too much to kvetch about. While shooting in broad daylight, we were satisfied with results when keeping in mind that the target audience is novice / amateur users. Clips were free from excessive grain, the audio capture was sufficient and playback on both a computer and an HDTV was up to par. The 10x zoom was decidedly smooth and snappy, as well.

While shooting in low light, the expected grain monster reared its ugly head, but such is the case with all small, handheld camcorders to be frank. In other words, we wouldn't recommend this unit for those who find themselves using it primarily at night or in dimly lit scenarios, but those who wander outside every now and then during the day (imagine that!) will probably be pleased with what it can do. One other note on the SlowMotion: it's a sweet feature, and it sure adds some wow-factor, but the inability for it to function in HD is a real bummer for us.

Photo performance

Alright, we get that you aren't seeking out a camcorder for its still shot abilities, but hey, Sammy included it, so we tested it. Put simply, the image capture mode isn't half bad, and it's actually passable in daylight. Don't get it twisted, however -- we'd still strongly recommend carrying your trusty P&S / DSLR around and using that when possible, but if you're trying to do everything yourself and just can't find time to fish out that shooter, the SC-HMX20C should suffice. Of course, we're comparing its results to other camcorder results that we've seen in the past, and from that, we came away reasonably happy with what it could do.

Posted on Aug 26, 2008



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SOURCE: Can't get rid of the screen images for video camera on playback

If it's like my Canon MVX25i date and time marking then go to the menu, select display setup (or whatever it's called on your camera) somewhere there should be a dialogue which allows you to switch the pesky thing off. I have never used date or time, a very amateurish concept in the first place.


Posted on Apr 15, 2009



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SOURCE: Display screen has icons on it - how do I clear it so not on DVD?

turn off DISPLAY

Posted on Jun 20, 2009

David E

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SOURCE: Sanyo Xacti CA6EX shows just steaky, blurry image

Sounds tasty! ;)

Just kidding. What kind of stReaky images is it recording? Is the problem that you are using it in bad light (eg indoors at night)? It could just be camera shake.

Make sure that your camera is in auto mode and try again - if it was in a slow shutter speed mode, then this could be more of a problem. Also try using flash, if you camera has one.

Posted on Oct 27, 2009


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SOURCE: Short battery life when idle - Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD2000

Those types of cameras are no more really used... it is good to get a just normal cannon or sony camera... and you will be able to do wonders

Posted on Jan 14, 2010

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Model dc164. How do I view photos without memory card?

That model uses a DVDR/RW type discs plus a memory card (SD, MMC or Sony Memory Sticks). To view photos from the disc simply go into view mode and use the joystick to move to the image you want to view. If you want to transfer images you need the USB cable that came with it and the original software to transfer images from the disc. While capturing video you can snap images but only to a memory card/stick. No card/stick while shooting video, then nothing was captured and the only way you can get any images is transferring a frame(s) from the video using the USB cable and their included software.

Here are links to the manufacturer website where you can still download the software that came with that model and a second link to view/save the manual in PDF format. Information to read in the manual are on pages 95 & 108.

Support DVD Camcorders SCDC164 Samsung Digital Camcorders

Hit FORMAT and thought I was saving pics..but now they're says no please...

try to insert that sd card/ memory card to a laptop or memory reader of a desktop just to be sure if there something on it. if the screen says nothing other than no image then... its true you erase every thing on it...

When I turn the unit on, there isn't an image on the monitor. You can press the camera button and the flash goes off. There just isn't an image in the monitor. Please help!

If it takes a picture successfully, then your display is bad - more likely the back light inverter. Check your memory card and use a computer that can read it.

My sanyo vpc-cg20 monitor shows updide down how do i fix it

The above is a description.

I checked the online FAQ's and support, but didn't find an upside down image on monitor problem.

So, I think your best bet for your waterproof camera is to have it serviced by

Sanyo Xacti VPC-E1W dispay is black, no image

Is the camera on and does it have batteris fully or half way charged?

I just bought the sanyo vpc-s1275 where do I get the software to transfer photos to my pc?

Does it use cards? Like SD/Memory/Compact?
If it does, you just need to take out the card and put in a card reader (built in your desktop/laptop or you can buy a card reader). Attach the reader to the desktop/laptop if its not built in. It will take a couple seconds to a couple minutes for your desktop/laptop to recognize it. Once it found "a new hardware" and installs it.
My Computer > The new drive example F: > Look for a folder that contains images.

Otherwise a usb cable is supplied to connect to your camera to your desktop/laptop. And usually requires the cd that has a program to take the images out.

A95 digital camera viewing screen blurry & pink!

It is problem of ccd imager and requires replacement of that part in your Canon A95 to see clear view.
Canon will replace that part free of cost as per announced scheme.
Click Canon CCD Advisory for details.
Good luck.

LCD Screen Stays Black

Had the same problem. It nearly drove me mad, however, the fix seems quite simple. The screen in playback mode seemed to be fine but if I swithed to record or photo mode I just got a black screen. I could see some pixel movement so I figured the screen was okay and that the iris was the problem.

Anyway, to fix it I simply gave a few sharp taps on the camera body near the lens. This unstuck the iris and I was greeted with a clear image in the LCD viewfinder. The camera now works fine.

By the way, this seems to be a fairly common problem with a lot of the different models and not just limited to this one.

Hope this helps.

How do I use the memory stick?

Recording Still images To The Memory Stick M.REC mode (Memory RECORD mode) 1. Set the mode switch to MEMORY CARD. 2. Set the power switch to CAMERA. 3. Press the PHOTO button. The still image is recorded to the Memory Card. To View photos on the Memory Card M.PLAY mode (Memory PLAYBACK mode) 1. Set the mode switch to MEMORY CARD. 2. Set the power switch to PLAYER. The last recorded image appears. If there are no recorded images on the Memory Card, NO STORED PHOTO! or NO STORED MPEG4! will display on the screen. 3. Using the (FWD) and (REV) buttons, search for the desired still image. * To view the next image : press the (FWD) button. * To view the previous image : press the (REV) button. * Pressing (FWD) when you are on the last image will take you to the first image and pressing (REV) when you are on the first image will take you to the last image. * Keep pressing (FWD) or (REV) to search for an image quickly.
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