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Ip address for xbox live - Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite Console

Posted by giann30 on

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  • Anonymous Aug 09, 2008

    have linked my xbox 360 to my laptop via an erthernet cable, i have windows vista im not sure if that will be a problem? the connection between the two is fine, but it keeps getting to ip address then popping up with failiure, i only bought the cable and membership today so am therefore a novice to the whole concept of setting it up, i don't know if the link between the xbox n the internet is ok because it does not allow me further than the ip address failiure, any way any advice would be appreciated thanks

    plz help as i am an avid gamer

  • Anonymous Oct 24, 2008

    have the same problem

  • Anonymous Nov 28, 2008

    ip address for xbox live keeps saying faild

  • tara-babii Nov 28, 2008

    yeah i have same problem its says its wired an everything but as soon as it comes to IP address it fails??? i done or the gateway and IP address and subnet mask. im really confused :S please help me =) x

  • Anonymous Dec 26, 2008

    same here does anybody knoe how

  • Anonymous Dec 28, 2008

    I've connected my Xbox360 to my pc with the wired cable the xbox supplys and on my pc it sais it cant renew its ip adress and when im doing a test connection it has the same problem as u people! :( ty

  • candice ezard Dec 29, 2008

    i need help it seas my ip adress failed for xbox live. what is ip adress.

  • candice ezard Dec 29, 2008

    my x box 360 live seas the ip adress failed

  • jacobajoyvet Dec 29, 2008

    when i run xbox live the ip address says it fails and that keeps happening

  • pluff Dec 30, 2008

    the x box live keeps saying that my ip address has failed, i am using a netgear router in order of the wireless bridge to make the abox wireless, can anyone help?

  • RETSAM997 Dec 31, 2008

    When i try to connect to xbox live it says

    IP address failed

  • slogger1973 Jan 02, 2009

    everytime I try to join Xbox Live via pc, it fails at the ip address any thoughts how to solve this problem?

  • Anonymous Jan 03, 2009

    Can anyone fix this

  • Anonymous Jan 04, 2009

    We too have the problem with trying to connect to XBox Live to our XBox 360. It says IP failed. We bought the Wireless adapter for XBox and still no luck. Anyone with a solution would be greatly appreciated.

  • new22jimmbis Jan 04, 2009

    Anybody got DNS numbers?? It's like the local-room-host connection thing?? like I said I'm having a problem with these numbers....BRB

  • Anonymous Jan 06, 2009


  • Anonymous Jan 11, 2009

    ip adress failed on test connection

  • Anonymous Jan 12, 2009

    how do i get the ip addresse

  • danielchapz Jan 17, 2009

    my frends have xbox live but but my ip address always failes my wier is in the back of the computer and my computer is on internet but it still failes.

    HELP ME!!!

  • Anonymous Jan 26, 2009

    if anyone can get this i need help with my ip address tytytytytyty if you help

  • Anonymous Jan 26, 2009

    i don't what to do

  • apollo_lynx Jan 30, 2009

    Ive tried everything to get xbox live to work but it keeps saying my ip address has failed or "your gateway did not respond to a network request" please help

  • Anonymous Feb 08, 2009

    j xcbij;vcx

  • danielxbox Mar 10, 2009

    hi i have connected my xbox with a ethernet cord staright to my laptop dat is runing a usb modem for internet connection when trying to test xbox live connection says ip address fails

  • Anonymous Mar 16, 2009

    my ip address is failing and i have connected it to my laptop and used a dougle

  • Anonymous Mar 21, 2009

    we want to set up xbox live the thing allways failes on ip# what is that is it something we are doing i have comcast [email protected] we have xbox 360

  • Anonymous Apr 12, 2009

    same thig it sucks

  • Anonymous Apr 15, 2009

    I too have the IP issue, I bought a brand new wired router that is on the approved list by XBox, I rebooted the Cable Modem, The Router, and the XBox in every combination. I even tried opening the extra ports but that failed because the router could not see the Xbox. At a loss

  • Matthew Hancock Apr 27, 2009

    I'm trying to get my XBOX 360 hooked up to XBOX Live but it says that my connection failed on the IP address part.

    I have my system hooked up to computer which is running Windows XP, (to my knowledge), and I can't figure out the whole IP address thing at all.

    I'm using a USB internet receiver by Linksys. It's connected to the internet but not directly to a modem.

    Do any of you have solutions to my problem? I've read multiple document things from websites. They are:

    and many others that I have forgotten about.

    Contact me at [email protected] if you can and/or wish.

  • Anonymous Apr 28, 2009

    My 360 also has the same problem. I was told that I either need to get another modem, or I need to get a router. I'm not entirely sure if they are right, but for now it is the only information that I have

  • annhilator May 20, 2009

    when i join xbox live from a mac laptop. it says the ip adress is wrong
    i have a router but i dont no what to do. 

  • rocky6295 May 23, 2009

    Everytime i go on it wont auto start and says i need an ip adress

  • Anonymous May 23, 2009

    yaal stink



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Steps to take:

1. First make sure you can get an internet connection with a pc/laptop
- establishes online connectivity -
a. check your ip address (google on how to do that for your operating system)
- usually if you are behind a router you will get an ip address like 192.168.x.x or 10.x.x.x
- if you get an ip address that starts with 169.x.x.x then you do not have an internet connection
- if you don't get those then you probably have direct connection to the modem
2. how is your xbox connecting to the internet?
a. connected directly to a router with an ethernet cable which is connected to a modem
b. wirelessly connected using the wireless xbox adapter to a wireless router which is connected to a modem
c. connected to a pc/laptop thats connected the internet (hopefully you've checked that pc/laptop passes step 1)
d. connected with a wireless bridge to a switch/router

- there are other ways to connect it but those cover most of the setups

3. if its setup a then connect an ethernet cable directly to the xbox from the router should be the only physical setup needed. (just dont put the ethernet cable in the WAN port of the router, connect it to an empty slot). you might also need to open ports on the router, ports 80 tcp, 88 udp, 3074 tcp/udp, 53 tcp/udp. google how to open ports on your router if you do not know how.

If it's setup b then you will need the follow information from your wireless router
ssid, wep64/wep128/wep256/wpa/wpa2 password (if you secured the wireless)
these need to be input in the xbox setup.

if it's setup c you will need to setup internet connection sharing on the pc/laptop and also if you are using a router to connect to the pc/laptop forward the ports to that pc/laptop and then forward the ports on the pc/laptop to the xbox.

if it's setup d, make sure the wireless bridge is setup first using a pc/laptop not connected to the router and making sure it is able to get to the internet through the wireless bridge. after that connection is establish remove from the pc/laptop and connect the bridge to the xbox. settings on the xbox should still be automatic.

- check to see what ip address the xbox is getting - (should be similar to the 192.168.x.x but not the same)

Posted on Apr 09, 2009


Paul Castley

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Ok, firstly i hate these problems.
first things first, switch your hub off (leave for 2 mins) switch back on, this may refresh the ip address, also switch your xbox off.. then try agian.
Get back to me and let me know what happens from here.

oh also are you connecting your xbox to the pc? or directly to your broadband hub? if you can connect it directly to your hub, this should solve any problems

Posted on Aug 10, 2008



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I can solve this problem but it will cost you about 120.00. As the XBox wireless router was not receiving a signal from our modem we bought what is called "Gamenet". It is so simple. You plug one unit into a wall outlet by your modem (do not plug into a surge protector) and then connect it to your modem with the ethernet cable provided. You take the other unit and plug it into a wall outlet in the room with your XBox and connect it to your XBox with the other ethernet cable provided. This allows the signal to travel through your wires in the walls of your home. We did this and the IP address popped right up and my son spent most of the weekend playing XBox Live!!! Well worth the money and you don't have to worry about lag time or dropping a signal with wireless because it is not wireless! It's Great!

Posted on Jan 12, 2009


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Cant find my ip adress

Posted on Jan 12, 2009


My xbox ip isnt vworking too it always stops on ip

Posted on Oct 25, 2008


Need help with my xbox live my ip says failed

Posted on Sep 29, 2008


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(this is a solution that i gave someone who had a wireless router... you will also need to forward the same ports even if you have a wired router...)

Ok... I have the best solution to this problem... Obviously you have wireless internet... so that means you have a wireless router... you need to login to the wireless router settings... usually it is192.168.1.1 that you type into your browser by default... if it is not192.168.1.1 in order to find your router address you need to click on start.... run... type in cmd... then in the command prompt type in ipconfig/all... your router address will be the number next to default gateway... put that into your browser and login to the router... dont exit the command box just minimize it because you will need it later...if you have not changed the password its usually either password...admin.... or nothing at all.... once you are logged into your router you need to forward the open the ports for your xbox 360 for it to beable to connect to xbox live with an open NAT... (meaning you can connect to everyone without problems) once you get to port range forwarding you are going to have to put in 6 ports for best performance... name them all XBL or XboxLive... and forward these ports... 87-89 UDP.... 3073-3075 UDP..... 80-80 TCP... 88-88 UDP...3074-3074 BOTH... and 53-53 BOTH... make sure they are enabled... find out what your start ip address is... i changed mine to a maximum number of users at 50... (this will come in handy and i will tell you why later...) turn on your xbox 360 and go to network settings and manually change your settings... so if you have your ip address range from - like me... change the ip address of your xbox 360 to (the computers that connect to your wireless router always take the low ip addresses... so setting your xbox 360 ip address to will make it so there arent any ip address conflicts...) remember the box i told you to minimize? you are going to have to input the numbers in the command box into the boxes in the xbox.... for the subnet mask...default gateway for the gateway... enter in th e dns settings... first one is primary... second one is secondary... save and you are done with that... if you have your ethernet cord hooked up from your computer to your xbox 360 click on start... control panel... network and highlight the network bridge and your wireless connection...once you have them both highlighted... right click... and click on bridge connections... and everything should work fine...

Posted on Jul 10, 2009


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I just moved into college and I brought my xbox. When I hooked everything up and turned it on, it tried to sign me into xbox live but wouldnt. It finally logged me in but i wasnt connected to live. So I tested my connection and it wouldnt connect to the network. I knew immediately it was my ip addres, since this had happened to me before. Unfortunately for me, I didn't know what the ip address was supposed to be and i tried looking online but couldnt find an answer. Finally I figured out how to fix it, and i will share with you how.

If you have never seen this error message before, you probably wouldn't know what was wrong let alone how to fix it. It's not your ethernet cord. If you plug your ethernet cord into your computer you would probably be able to get on the internet, so your cord is fine. The first thing you need to do is unplug your ethernet cord from the back of your xbox and plug it into your computer. Then, on your computer (if its off, turn it on) find network settings. Its sometimes under system preferences. (if you use a mac its the apple in the top left corner. PC is the "start" in the bottom left corner.

There (network settings), if your ethernet is properly connected to your computer, it shows you the ip address, subnet mask, router, and both dns servers.

From there you need to turn on your xbox and go to system settings. Then select network settings, select configure network and change your settings from automatic to manual. Then just type your ip address in and your dns servers and test connection. The first time I did this i didnt connect to xbox live right away, but i did connect to the network and the internet. I just turned my xbox off then back on and it connected me to xbox live right away. Hope this helps someone

Posted on Aug 22, 2010


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How to download demos in xbox live

Posted on Jan 27, 2009


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Mine has the same thig i need help i have broadband but idk if i can connect directly to it it goes to ip adress then fails plus idk what a hub is please help im a novice i just got mine 2 days ago

Posted on Oct 23, 2008

  • Anonymous Oct 23, 2008

    USB wireless card is it comatible with xbox360


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Jason Koelling

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SOURCE: ip address failed

If you are behind a router.. try hooking it up directly to your cable modem or DSL modem. If that fixes the problem then you need to open ports on the router to allow the connect to get routed to your xbox.

Posted on Jan 18, 2008


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SOURCE: Can't connect to Xbox Live


Posted on Dec 23, 2008

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1 Answer

I got a Motorola wired modem and it dosn't let me play xbox live why?

you may have to open a port that you xbox can use to connect to xbox live
    • 1 Connect only your Xbox and computer to the Internet. Disconnect all other devices. This is done to easily determine the Xbox's IP address, which is used in the Port Forwarding process.
    • 2 Open the Windows Command Prompt from the Start Menu. Click "Start > Run...," then type in "cmd" and hit "OK."
    • 3 Enter "ipconfig" n the command prompt. A list of IP addresses pop ups. Write down the IP address of your computer.
    • 4 Open your router setup utility through a web browser. Use the given directions from your router manufacturer to do so. Generally, the configuration page is opened by inputting the router IP address into the URL in the following format: http://123.456.7.8/ (where the IP Address number is unique to the router manufacturer).
    • 5 Open the "DCHP Client List" section of the router setup utility. This lists the devices currently connected to the Internet through the router, which is your computer and Xbox. Write down your Xbox's IP address (in this case, the one that is not your computer's IP address).
    • 6 Navigate to the "Virtual Servers" or "Port Forwarding" menu in your router setup utility. Most manufacturers have a side menu on their router setup utility, which is generally a section under your "Firewall" settings.
    • 7 Input the following port numbers and your Xbox's IP address into your router's port forwarding configuration:
      TCP 80
      UDP 88
      UDP 3074
      TCP 3074
      UDP 53
      TCP 53
      Placing these numbers in the port forwarding menu opens up the required ports that your Xbox needs to connect to the Xbox LIVE network. Save this configuration.
    • 8 Start up Xbox LIVE to check your connection. If you have no problem connecting, then you have successfully forwarded the required ports.

Jun 04, 2011 | Video Game Consoles & Games

1 Answer

My Zonet ZSR4134WE Wireless-N router doesn't connect to live. I've checked the MTU setting and everything. It works perfectly, until it gets to the "Xbox Live" part of the test, then it fails. Please help.

you need to open the ports on your router for xbox ports are TCP 88 UDP 88 UDP 3074 TCP 3074 UDP 53 TCP 53
first connect the xbox to the network and get the ip address (like 192.168.x.x) and then use the computer and login to router setup page and under firewall open these ports for the ip address of xbox . If you find a DMZ there , then enable it for XBOX ip address and reboot the router. ** imp: try to make a static ip address on xbox so when you restart the xbox teh ip address should not change -
to check what is the ip address provided from you router :- go command prompt (start ->run- > type cmd and hit enter) a black screen(command) type ipconfig you will find ip address of computer , so you can set the ip address of xbox like that -but just make the last number different (like ip address on computer then make ip address of xbox to perform this will help .. its all about the ports but be sure with ip address

Oct 01, 2010 | Zonet ZSR4134WE Wireless Router

1 Answer


Open port numbers UDP 88 and TCP 3074 pointing to the IP address of the XBOX. Make sure that the IP address of the XBOX is within the IP segment of the router. Ex. if your router has IP address your XBOX should have 192.168.1.x IP address.

Feb 22, 2010 | NetGear RP614 Router

1 Answer

I have a router with multipul outlets with 2 computers and xboxs 360 live ..can i have 2 xbox 360 live signed up to work at the same time..?

Yes you can run two Xboxes on LIVE at the same time, provided you have a separate LIVE account for each console, and different IP addresses for each Xbox. Assign static IP addresses for your xboxes from within the router's setup page.

I hope that helps.

Dec 30, 2009 | Microsoft Premium System for Xbox 360

2 Answers

I am setting up my Xbox live. I set up the DNS server and IP address. And a few other things but it won't connect to live. It will connect to internet though. It says it doesn't recognize Xbox live DNS or...

The DNS is your routers ip address. the secondary DNS is or thats what mine was

you can go to your routers2_bing.gif website and enter it manually. Type this might be it or try or

when it shows your routers info write it down and then put it in your xbox's network by entering it manually. btw the secondary DNS is just if it doesn't give you two. the gateway is just your routers ip address.

what else you can do is do port forwarding.
But the xbox is not a static ip address so it'll change. what you can do is when it says to put your ip address in your xbox put all the numbers the same as the routers ip address BUT DON'T USE THE SAME LAST NUMBER! so like if your routers ip address is you can use i use but you may not have the 2 in yours.
a website that'll help
list of ports you have to open

any other ?'s email me at [email protected]

Nov 14, 2009 | Microsoft Xbox 360 Console

1 Answer

Can't connect with network

if u dont hav e a router that is ur problem. to get ur xbox 360 to connect to vista media center you cannot connect an ethernet cord directly to ur 360, u must have ur computer hooked to a router with one ethernet cord and a whole different ethernet cord connecting to the same router the computers hooked up to. after you do that go to ur vista media center, turn active sharing on, make sure your router is connected to the internet. then go to ur xbox 360 and follow the on screen instruction from the the connect to media center screen.
if your wanting to connect to xbox live and stuff like that, and u enter ur ip address and security information and it tells u that the ip adress u entered is already in use by another device, and that ur xbox 360 needs to be assigned one, do this: simply go to were u put in ur ip address and set it to get the address automaticly (or in other words choose automatic). then go to test connection (ur router should automaticly assign ur xbox 360 an ip address) and ur router should connect to the internet. if it connects to the internet but not xbox live then u have not yet sign up for an xbox live account.

by the way when u make an xbox live account please send me a friend request. my xboxc live account name is: ghdude22

glad i could help!!! :3

Feb 06, 2009 | Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller

1 Answer

IP address

Try this fix:

Apr 13, 2008 | Microsoft Xbox 360 Console

3 Answers

Ip address

try resetting your router & modem.unplug modem,unplug router....plug up your modem wait 4 all the little lights 2 light up & then plug up your router.if that doesn't work i don't know ;)

Feb 16, 2008 | Microsoft Xbox 360 Console

3 Answers

Xbox 360

reserve the ip address for the xbox in the router
and do port forwarding and open the xbox ports for the reserved ip

Feb 09, 2008 | Computers & Internet

6 Answers

Get go to xbox live

For some reason everyone has the same problem buy the Xbox 360 wireless kit and should work but for now you might as well just wait untill get its fixed

Dec 30, 2007 | Microsoft Xbox 360 Console

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