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Blank or White screen on new Motorola Krzr k1 cell phone

Just bought a new Motorola Krzr K1 and was experiencing blank screens or white screens. The battery is fully charged. Now the screen is totally blank and will not come back on. The keypad does light up. I have tried taking the battery out and putting it back in to no avail. Any suggestions?

Thanks. I have a Krzr.
I got the piece of junk in December.
like 3 or 4 weeks after i got it i started havin problems with it.
id be talkin on it or textin someone and the screen wld go white and it wld freeze up and cut me off if i was talkin or id have to start my text all over again if i was textin.
it did it like every ten minutes.

so i sent it back to the people and since my 30 days or whatever was up they wldnt give me a new one and i had to get it sent off to be fixed.
so i had an UGLY loaner phone for like 2 months.
then i finally got my phone back.

a few months later my phone charger started to not work right.
so my boyfriend gave me one and i had it for like 3 months and it did the same thing.
so i had to buy a new one.
but i didnt have any money at the time or somethin so i had to wait a few weeks and use the messed up one.
and that messed up my darn battery.
by the time i got a new charger my battery wld only last like 2 hours textin and like 10 minutes talkin when it had been on charge ALL NIGHT.

so then my great friend dustin gave me the battery out of his old phone.
and it works fine.
and that was like a week or two ago. (july 3, 2008)

well ...
last night i was talkin to my boyfriend and i went to look to see how many battery bars i had and the screen was just completely white.
and it WONT go away.
ive took the battery out and left it out all night long.
and ive just turned it off for LONG periods of time.
but its still there.

all i can do is call people IF I KNOW THEIR NUMBERS, but i cant get any texts or anything cause the screen is just PLAIN WHITE.
it doesnt even get the "hellomoto" screen when you turn it on.
as soon as the phone is turned on it goes straight to being white.
you can change the ringer from loud to vibrate to silent. but if its on loud you can hear it if someone calls or somethin. vibrate only works.
the outside screen is just plain black.

i dont know if US Cellular will fix my phone again or not.


(sorry i have typed so much)

Posted by cahatfieldxo on

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  • Anonymous Jul 26, 2008

    I talked on the phone for a few minutes, when i hung up the phone, the screen went black and hasnt come on since, the keypad lights work and i can recieve and make phone calls (if i manually put in the phone numbers) but thats about it. If i hold my phone screen up to a bright light i can see the time and other things that are on it, is this a common problem with all KRZRS? Is my phone trashed now or what? I took the battery out and turned it off and on but not much more i can do

  • Anonymous Jul 29, 2008

    I've been having the same problem with the white screen. Sometimes the screen even freezes, or goes off center.. The Tech said it was because I didn't clean the phone... but how do I clean inside of it???? Because apperently there's a cord inside the hinge that flips that gets messed up... But I don't want to send my phone to be fixed if i'm going to be having the same problem over and over again.

  • norem_09 Jul 31, 2008

    same thing. ill be talking on it and it will go all crazy and off center. and then it will just slowly fade completely white. the other day i was in the middle of texting and it froze and when i shut it off and turned it back on it was white again, and now its been like that for 3 days. i'm giving up and just getting a new phone because i've had problems with this phone since the day i unwrapped it. it never holds a charge, it freezes like hell, and now i can't even use it because its blank.

    ive read around on the internet and i guess there is some cord that runs through inside of the phone that is either loose or dirty or something like that. but when i went to go open up the phone to find this mysterious cord, i found that the screws inside were so small that i ended up stripping two of them trying to find a screwdriver in my house that would fit it.

    don't buy this phone.

  • rajvanshi Jul 31, 2008

    I am going thru the same problem....1stly my motorola k1 phone slowered down the speed also it started hanging frequently. Whenever i pressed my menu button the screen 1st hanged and then went out white.This problem continued several times and then finally the white screen turned out 2 be blank and its not showing any response. But the keypad is showing light as on but the screen is blank and even the phone is not recieving incomming calls and even outgoing calls r not possible.And the problem is still persisting.So i went 2 motorola service centre and those ppl told me my phone is having a flexi- cable problem of a sort and i ll have 2 submit my phone 2 them which will be sent 2 delhi motorola service centre and will take 20 days for that. But i really wanna know why its 20 days required for it.Cant they replace the phone bcoz its within warranty period ...its been 8 months i really want an answer and a suggestion .....plz do answer.....!

  • evanellis2 Aug 23, 2008

    I have a US Cellular Motorola W385 and I have this smae exact problem.
    First the inside screen flipped upside down and now its just blank. The
    outer screen is all distorted. I can still make calls fine but only if
    I know the person's number. Please help someone!

  • booea Sep 02, 2008

    i was takin the cell phone out the charger and it was blank after that when i saw the phone.....hw do u get it to work again....or how do u get the cell phone to get out of blank....l?

  • Anonymous Sep 14, 2008

    First of all I have to say that I have had my KRZR for almost a full year now and it has survived through many times of being dropped and the front screen getting cracked and ext. Its the best cell phone I have ever had. Throughout this year I never had any problems with it until about three weeks ago I noticed that everytime I opened my phone a little too fast or accidentally pushed two buttons at once, the phone screen would freeze up and I couldn't do anything with it until I completely took out the battery and then put it back in and turned it on. Then everything would be normal again. So like i said it did this for a few weeks, and I didn't make a big deal of it until just recently(a day ago), the screen(front and inside), went completly out and the only thing it does is the numbers still light up, and i can still call out people as long as i know their number. The front screen when I open or close it will be lite up but its blank, and the inside screen will be completley black until i close it and open it back up it will be white, but doesn't change after this. I have tried to take the battery out and fix it just like i've done previously but this doesn't seem to work anymore.

  • soccer_hottt Oct 05, 2008

    When I turn my phone on all that shows is a blank white screen. I can hear it when it turns on and i can call peolpe and i can hear it when it rings but i cant see anything!!! What should I do??

  • Anonymous Oct 10, 2008

    my dumb screen is blank cnt see whos calling and I cnt call only if I know the number...very annoying!!

  • Anonymous Dec 26, 2008

    at first my external screen had weird lines on it but the internal was fine. then when i would be texting it would glitch and i would close it and re open the phone and it they screen would be white, i would reopen it again and it would be fine. now the screen is white all the time, i tried everything taking the battery out, charging it, letting it sit for hours nothing. white screen of death

  • jschoenrock7 Jan 04, 2009

    my keypad lights up but the screen is black... i cant text or see any of my contacts but i can still call people if i know their numbers

  • Anonymous Jan 08, 2009


  • joe is th3 s Jan 20, 2009

    the screen just went white

  • Anonymous Feb 16, 2009

    My phone did the exact same thing. Motorola KRZRs are ****. I am going tomorrow to get it sent away. -shakes head- It's so bad; steer away from these phones.

  • jacksie Feb 17, 2009

    Same thing! white screen that likes to work sometimes. as of now its nothing but a bunch of pretty lines on the outside creen and a scrambled mess on the inside. Last week for 2 days both were white and my phone was useless to txt msgs. When it does work i end up becoming so frustrated trying to txt msg that i call the person instead. I will start a msg but then half way the screen freezes and becomes scrambled so i have to close it and start again. or the other trick is to open it half way and that seems to work. i went to my cell phone dealer and they can't do anything for me! i am on a 3 year contract with this piece of s*** and its only been a year and my only option is to buy a new one! my thoughts are that if this is a well known issue with this phone, which i have read on forums, then why do we have to pay to have it fixed and have to put up with it! i will never buy another motorola!

  • nadia_18_w Mar 12, 2009

    I had a 2 Krzr's so far since 2007! They are very cute and sleek! the downfall is that they stop working on you! My first Krazr was doing good up until July of 2008! Need i remind you i had that phone every since December of 2007! One day i was talking on the phone and just as soon as i got off of it,after two hours of talking, the phone had froze and started it self over! I thought that it was just that time! No! It kept doing the same thing over and over again! I was furious! So by the end of the night, i tried messing with my phone again! I thought it would work since i turned in off! No!!!! Im so mad after i noticed it was still messing up, i through the phone in my closet so hard i was hoping it worked! lol! so the next morning i went looking for my phone i had forgot it was in the closet! So finally i find it! look at it and its still freezing and restarting it self! OMG! I wanted to scream my head off! Soo i started using my old out to date verizon phones until.......November of 2008! I had purchased another Motorola kzazr k1m! This phone was doing great until early this 2009 year! The backlight would go off but it would eventually come back on! Now my backlight went out and wont come back on! Im so mad! Any help???

  • lkh1246 Mar 17, 2009

    screen is also blank... wont turn on, but i can see it sorta, if it is really good lighting and i hold it just right. but i cant make out what is says...

  • chopstixsolo Mar 27, 2009

    i tried to erase my text messages and the phone went white. I turned it off and everytime i try to turn it on its white and stays white. I've taken out the battery and I've tried switching batteries. Nothing is working

  • Anonymous Apr 07, 2009

    mine do the same thing and evry time i go to a cell phone store they say they don't fix it

  • Anonymous Apr 17, 2009

    The screen is white and will not pull up any information.

  • xecut10n3r May 01, 2009

    "cahatfieldxo's "Blank or White screen on new Motorola Krzr k1 cell phone"

    [i have had a krzr for about 2yrs and 2months]

    i have the same problem!! omg this phone is so terrible!!!! the only way i found it use it with the screen lit up was to press up or down on the volume while working; this only works if the front screen still works [not the main screen]. after the front screen does not work, you could try opening the phone like 1inch and that worked for me about 1-2 days and now it COMPLETELY does not work.

    worse thing is that if i renewed my contract, new phone models would come out in about 3-5 weeks. =[[[

    i think im going to just get a damn prepaid phone, again!

  • donkan3 May 11, 2010

    Solution link . . . http://www.MOTOKRZR




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The white screen is because the 'flex' is broken. u need to change it. the 'flex' is a part that connects the upper part ( screen) and the lower part (keypad) of the cellphone. the flex is a common problem with flipflop phones. i dont know if u can get it in your country, but we have lots here. it costs around $14-15 including labor.

i was able to solve the white screen problem, but one of the 2 problems w this cell still exists. Whenever i close the flipflop, "memory card removed' appears, and it keeps blinking. Or when i charge my cell, this msg also appears. this also drains my batt. If i reinsert my memory card, it solves the problem, but whenver i charge my cell, it appears again. So its kind of a hassle to always open the back of the cell to reinsert the memory card, so what i do is , i never close the flipflop. Anyone has the same problem?

Posted on Dec 29, 2008



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Yeah i have the same problem with my phone to and it really runs the battery down fast too.. even if you flip the phone closed the blank screen still stays white. i think the problem was the charger i had. it was to a razr and the dc output is not the same so i think i might of overcharged it at one point or time. what i did was let it run down till completely dead then charged about 10 min. when you turn it on just try to push as many as the buttons as you can at once.. mostly the top ones and soft keys. that might get the screen to come on.. then if it does change your backlight timer to like 5 seconds so when you use your phone the screen will go out when your done and it will not drain your battery.. well i hope it helps. it worked on mine

Posted on Aug 01, 2008

  • eisenkirch97 May 14, 2011

    I did this, until now it just stays white, but the buttons' lights stay on!




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Same probelm with the freezing. It randomly started freezing and i would turn it off and back on and then it would work. recently it was doing it more often. It got worse and the color on both screens front and main would lighten then normal color. It got even worse and two white bars would be across the screen still work though but then it would freez. I would then turn it off and back on and it would work. Just last night it happened so i turned it off turned it back on and the screen was white and the fron screen dark,I've tried EVERYTHING. This is the second krzr my first one(Aug'08-Jan'09) had a problem and i sent it in and they sent me a new one and now this happens, its been working for about a year until now.

Posted on Feb 22, 2010


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My Krzr worked for about six months, then it would drop my calls all the time and the screen would go white when i was in the middle of a text, so i sent it away for repair it took 3 MONTHS thats crazy! ever since then i'll charge my battery all night and when i wake up if i send 5 texts ill only have a bar left or if i make a 2 minute call it will totally drain my battery, this is stupid, so im looking for a way to just ake the screen go white again so i can just get a NEW phone that isn't a motorola, or a Krzr!!

Posted on Nov 19, 2008


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Best Solution .....Trash It!! We are having same problems. .. Been through two phones..going tomorrow to see if we can exchange it for something else!

Posted on Oct 20, 2008


I hate this phone. it drives me nuts, i just bought it and dropped it on the floor, got a good amount of dirt on it and it won't work. i brought it to my buds house and took an air compressor, pressurized it to 130psi and blasted everything out of the phone. it still doesnt work. the phones ****.

Posted on Sep 23, 2008


That is the same for me. I thought it might be the battery but it's not. and when it does work it gets these weird little lines all over my screen-its hard to explain. i am taking it in today. but i have had it for less then 6 months and my brother's which was a lot cheaper has lasted more then 2 years. i am not happy with this at all.

Posted on Aug 27, 2008


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KRZRS are JUNK. Don't get one...have been through 4 in under a year, always the same problem,
the cord in the hinge.


Posted on Aug 03, 2008

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the phone needs to be flashed by a professional!

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I believe you have a problem with the hinge of the flip where your wire that connects to the display opens up your screen. If you keep opening the flip and closing it slowly does the screen turn on and off??? If it does then you have a problem with the hinge like I said. If not then it could be just a software glitch where you need to reinstall the operating system.

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Blank or White screen on new Motorola Krzr k1 cell phone

i am having a same problem with my krzr phone. it is picking up the screen. solve if you can

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Blank or White screen on new Motorola Krzr k1 cell phone

Take the phone to a mobile service center and have the flexcable replaced on the phone.

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Blank or White screen on new Motorola Krzr k1 cell phone

its the FLEX CABLE! need to change it..the cable that connects the LCD screen to the main motherboard

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Blank or White screen on new Motorola Krzr k1 cell phone

If the phone still works, check to see if the left side of the hinge (when the phone is open and facing you) is loose. If you can wiggle the top 1/2 of the phone, the hinge is damaged, therefore damaging the flex cable that runs through it. If that is the case, replace the hinge assembly and the flex and you're good.

The K1 is no joke to take apart. Flex replacement requires full disassembly. I would recommend checking out, or to have it done professionally, less than Motorola will charge you.

Or give it a shot if you want, you need a T5 Torx and lots of patience and care.

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KRZR K1 White screen

problem with flex cable(ribon).take it back to the shop

Sep 12, 2007 | Motorola Mobility MOTOKRZR K1 Cellular...

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