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Posted on Jun 09, 2008
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Repeater function Hi there.. I have SMC ADSL Router 7904 and WEBT-G AP which is working as a repeater. My intention is to extend the WLAN signal from 7904. The router and the WEBT have the same SSID and the channel. I turned within the router the WPA encryption but chosen no enc within the WEBT. I have also chosen in the router the WEBT to extend the signal. The prob is I can not extend the signal resp the signal is not been extended. Can you give me your opinion(s) on that? Tx Korg

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  • komponenta Jun 10, 2008

    so, you are suggesting me to switch to AP mode. is that correct? but i need to be able to extend the network without connecting the router and WEBT with the cable... everything must be done wireless



  • komponenta Jun 12, 2008


    thanks for your help ... but I have called the SMC hot line and they told me what to do. There was again an issue, that my customer wanted to have (just for few weeks) open network with no encryption which I did and its working. Do you think that I should anyhow put an encryption on it?


  • komponenta Jun 12, 2008

    ok. my next question would be (I think its better to ask SMC and not to put the question here) why only WEP???



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  • Posted on Jun 12, 2008
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SMC - A wonderful choice...

1. Update firmware of your WEBT-G
2. Make note of SSID and channel of your ADSL Router
3. Change encryption of router to WEP and set the WEP key.

1. Change to repeater mode (operating mode)
2. Change SSID and Channel to match SSID and Channel of ADSL Router
3. under Wireless Settings, Channel and SSID, check if wireless mode is 11b/g mixed mode
4. under wireless Settings, WDS, click on Scan - you will see a list of wireless devices (or just one device - your ADSL router), select 'Enable WDS' option here
5. Under Security option, Select WEP and set the WEP key (the key should be same as the WEP key in your ADSL Router)

This should do it... Hope it works - good luck.


  • Anonymous Jun 12, 2008

    Its always best to put encryption - in case you plan to put encryption later on, remember that Repeater mode supports only WEP - so set the same WEP Key on both the router and repeater.

    Good luck



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  • Posted on Jun 10, 2008
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You make a device into ap mode you can get it


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How to set up zyxel NBG416N in universal repeater mode

Yes Zyxel nbg-416n does indeed support repeater mode but you need to make sure you have at least firmware version v1.00(USA.5)C0 and you can switch to that mode via maintenance/sys op mode.

I installed this router on repeater mode, connection to existing router and signal is perfect but have no access to internet... in the access router the internet access is perfect. please let me know how I...

this is from

How to use ENHWI-N3 / ENHWI-N34D / ENHWI-2AN3 / ENHWI-2AN34D / ENHWI-3GN3 as a Repeater?

  • For Advance Users, you can download this document.
  • The reason why people use a Encore wireless repeater is because some wireless remote client computers are out of range from the main network's access point (wireless router), or the wireless client is in the dead spot or the device you want to share to the network have no wireless interface card.

    The function of a wireless repeater is basically to extend the wireless signal coverage. Wireless repeater does not authenticate, screen, secure, connect to the internet, give IP address to clients, broadcast names, etc., these are the wireless router's job. Repeater only repeats what the main wireless router does to the wireless clients.


    • You should know the wireless security type of the existing wireless AP/router, is it a WPA, WPA2 or a WEP?
    • The wireless security key, or password or passphrase of the existing wireless router
    • Your existing wireless router's SSID
    • We recommend that the existing network you are about to add the Repeater on have a DHCP server running and able to lease IP address to all network clients. If you are not sure about this, please ask your ISP or the person who installed your network.

    Hardware Checklist:

    • Computer with wireless device turned off. This is only to set up the repeater, once finished the wireless can be turned on again.
    • The computer must have an available RJ-45 network interface card and web browser installed.
    • A working wireless router or Access Point with one available RJ45 port
    • RJ-45 UTP/TP Ethernet LAN Cable
    • The Encore Router is set to factory default. If your Encore Router is brand new and just pulled out of the box, no need to reset. If changes were made to any settings to the Encore Router before, make sure you "hardware reset" the Encore Router to the factory default settings. Check the User's Manual on how to "hardware reset" the router.

    1. Hooking up hardware connections:

    1. Both PC or Laptop and the Encore Router should be turned-on.
    2. Disable the wireless client from your PC or laptop computer (if not done so)
    3. Connect the Ethernet cable to the PC or laptop computer and the Encore Router. (This can be done while PC computer and router are turned on.)
    2. Switching mode from AP Mode to Repeater Mode
    1. Using your computer's web browser such as Internet Explorer or Safari Firefox, enter to the address field then hit enter. You should see the Encore Router's User Interface screen still in the AP Router Mode
    2. On the upper right corner of the user interface menu, click on the drop down menu and select "Repeater Mode". Click the "OK" button to the warning box. Wait around 35 seconds until your screen comes back to Encore user interface screen, this time the screen is now in the Repeater Mode. If for some reason you were asked by the repeater to enter the username and password, enter the default username and password (admin/admin) and your Encore Router is now in Repeater Mode.

    As of this moment your repeater is not connected to any router or network. It has to be configured further to be able to be connected to your current network and access point router.
    3. Connecting your Repeater to your existing network access point or router:

    1. As soon as the Encore Router switched to the Repeater Mode, you should be able to see the same Utility Screen with fewer selections on the left pane.
    2. From the Main Menu screen click on "Wireless" located on the left pane.
    3. Click on "Site Survey" button, a new Window dialogue box will pop up showing a list of Access Points reachable by your Repeater
    4. Check your existing network's access point SSID then click on the radio button that corresponds to your access point router then click "Connect" button.(If you can't find your existing AP router, click on "Refresh" repeatedly until your access point show up, or your location is too far from your existing AP router).
    5. Click on the "Encryption" drop down menu, select your existing access point wireless security, enter your existing router's wireless security key or passphrase then click "Apply". If you get a FAILED message, repeat this procedure again, a wireless hiccup might be interfering, otherwise you now have a working Repeater.
    6. Check your repeater connection by going to your internet browser and open a web page of your choice. If successful your new wireless repeater is working.
    7. Disconnect the Ethernet cable and setup your computer back to its original wireless settings. At this stage, the Repeater is now invisible to any wireless client computers. When connecting a new wireless client within the repeater's wireless range the process is the same as there is no Repeater device at all, the SSID of the wireless router will just be extended in range around where the Repeater is physically located.
    4. Connect your remote wireless client to your wireless router
    1. Using your wireless client utility program, look for your existing router's SSID and connects to it, if this is a new client you will be prompted with the wireless security key. Your repeater is invisible to all wireless clients. All it does is to repeat the wireless router signal as it is to extend its range. Once you have converted the Encore Router to Repeater and successfully connected to your existing router there will be no more configuration needed to the repeater. If you happen to see two identical SSID's of your existing router, this means your wireless client is within the same range of your existing router and the new wireless repeater, then your client don't need the repeater's service.

    If you are using Windows 7 and your existing access point security wireless is set to WPA2 (AES), make sure your Windows 7 wireless security type properties is set to WPA2-Personal. To check go to Windows 7 Wireless Network Connection, look for your REPEATER router, right-click on it then click Properties, check the settings in the "Security" tab.>

    When checking the wireless site survey, you may see two routers with the same SSID (names), these are your Access Point and the REPEATER tied together. This also means you are within the reachable range of both Access point and REPEATER.
    5. To check the Repeaters user interface

    At this moment, the Repeater is invisible to any client. The client's IP address is drawn from the DHCP server most likely to be also your wireless router. Therefore the IP address of the repeater is also invisible to the clients. Follow steps below:

    1. Disable wireless connection or turn off wireless in the client PC computer
    2. Connect Ethernet network cable to the RJ-45 port of the client PC computer
    3. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to one of the LAN ports of the repeater.
    4. From your computer, set the network card IP address to Static IP Address entering, Subnet Mask, leave the rest as blank.
    5. Open IE or Internet explorer or any other web browser software and run, you should be able to see the Encore Repeater user interface screen. (Changing any settings in the repeater may affect its performance)
    That should help :)

    I have a new DAP-1360 that I want to set up as a repeater. The wizard to get it on my wi-fi network is fast and easy, I join thru site survey and it appears all is good. Then my wireless network stops...

    talk to Dlink directly. (no main router stated, model?)
    it is just a RANGE extender,
    7 different modes
    Access Point,
    Wireless Client,
    Bridge, Bridge with AP, Repeater, WISP Client Router or WISP Repeater
    Compatible with 802.11b and 802.11g Devices(no main told) .
    repeater mode (1 of 7) is covered in the manual
    and wirlessly bridges to the main AP, and extends the range of the wifi to the new zone,(goal?)
    ( do this here but use Ethernet from main to new AP) vastly better.
    page 26 in your manual covers setup for Repeater mode.
    did you do that?
    step one is the SSID, use a new name here, not same as other AP or other wireless nodes, ok?
    step 2, select repeater
    I never use WPS so I skip this (its insecure)
    pick manual
    page 29 find our main router, SSID name, or survey it.
    this is very important to marry the new AP to the old router SSID.
    my main would be WPA2, id not use any others (security)
    then type in the mains , Password, 8 to 32 chars.
    its done.

    update the firmware in both routers first? be wise that.
    I never do this ,all it does is slow down wifi in 2nd zone.
    for sure walls present ! in the line of site paths.
    I bridge them with ethernet (wired) now both zone go full speed.

    Excellent signal low speed transfer

    You can boost the signal range of a WiFi computer network in several ways: Answer:
    • reposition your router (or access point) to avoid obstructions and radio interference. Both reduce the range of WiFi network equipment. Common sources of interference in residences include brick or plaster walls, microwave ovens, and cordless phones. Additionally, consider changing the WiFi channel number on your equipment to avoid interference.

    • upgrade the antenna on your router (or access point). WiFi antennas on most wireless base stations can be removed and replaced with more powerful ones.

    • add another access point (or router). Large residences typically require no more than two APs, whereas businesses may employ dozens of APs. In a home, this option requires connecting your primary wireless router (access point) to the second one with Ethernet cable; home wireless routers and/or APs don't normally communicate with each other directly.

    • add a bi-directional WiFi signal amplifier to wireless devices as needed. A WiFi signal amplifier (sometimes called "signal booster") attaches to a router, access point or Wi-Fi client at the place where the antenna connects. Bi-directional antennas amplify the wireless signal in both transmit and receive directions. These should be used as WiFi transmissions are two-way radio communications.

    • add a WiFi repeater. A wireless repeater is a stand-alone unit positioned within range of a wireless router (access point). Repeaters (sometimes called "range expanders") serve as a two-way relay station for WiFi signals. Clients too far away from the original router / AP can instead associate with the WLAN through the repeater.

    Access point failure

    Unfortunately cyber this does not have a mode or option to act as a repeater .I have check their website and check the specification of the device..You may want to get the WAP54g from Linksys as well for it has that option (act as a wireless repeater) or get the WRE54G wireless extender or repater for Linksys router.

    Hope this was informative.

    WAP54G's as repeaters

    Are you trying to setup both access point to repeat the signal of the router?
    The correct way to setup the AP's as repeater is to access the setup page of your router go to status and go to the wireless subtab, check what is the MAC address that is what your suppose to configure on the AP's not the LAN MAC address which is on the local networks subtab on status.
    Access the setup page of the AP's and go to AP Mode, make sure that you choose the repeater and copy down the Wireless MAC address you obtained from the wireless router. To enable roaming, meaning your wireless computer/device will connect to the AP/router closest to its location, change the wireless channel on all three device for example WRT54G will be on channel 1, 1st AP as repeater on Channel 6 and the last AP to Channel 11 but the other settings must be the same(Wireless name(SSID) and Wireless Security).

    Note: Setting up an AP as repeater to repeat or extend the signal of another AP that is set to repeater is not recommended since the signal will deteriorate due to the number of hops the packets will be sent.

    Hope this will help you setting up those WAP's which for me is quite useful since you can set it up to act as a repeater, AP client and a bridge to a WRT54G router.


    Dwl-2100ap set up propblem

    There's quite a bit to know about extending / repeating WIFI signals.

    Read about extending a WIFI signal with a Sitecom WL-130 repeater here.

    Connection Problem

    update the firmware of the all device


    The repeater must be the same brand as the signal it is repeating. Different routers / access points work in slightly different ways and the current generation of wireless repeaters aren't smart enough to work with other brands.

    It's kind of like trying to put an engine from a Nissan Altima into a Honda Accord... both make the car move but they aren't the same inside.
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