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I have a remote phone it does not have a telephone wire just an adapter. It is charged but I can not get a dial tone. It gives me the message "No link to base. Move closer to base,try again". What do I need to do? Please

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Frank Fernandez

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Place the phone in the base cradle for a minute and it should re initialize and solve your issue.
Good luck.

PS: By "Remote phone" I am assuming that you mean "Cordless"?

Posted on Apr 11, 2008


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1 Answer

Panasonic PNLC1017, our landline telephones do not work. I've changed batteries, the phone screen reads check tel line. Please help!

The PNLC1017 is the charger for the handset of some Panasonic cordless phones. One of the compatible handsets is the KX-TGA660 which works with the KX-TG4112 system.

However, the 'Check tel line' message indicates a problem at the base or the POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) telephone line. The system is not hearing the dial tone. Check that the power adapter is plugged in to a live outlet and is warm. If it's cold, than the power transformer is not working and the base has no power. If there is power, check if the handset message disappears when the handset is close to the base. This is usually rare but indicates a transmitter/receiver in the handset or base is not communicating properly. You can try to de-register all handsets and then register them again.

To check the phone line, I prefer to use an older corded phone. These don't require power to work. First, try a new phone data cord (RJ-11) between the base and the wall jack. (I've seen someone accidentally use a handset cord which doesn't work.) Test if there is a dial tone when this cord is plugged into the test phone. If there is a dial tone, then if the cordless phone base didn't work with the replacement cord, the base is faulty. Replace it or contact Panasonic if the system is under warranty. If you have a DSL fliter, this may be damaged. If it's inside, replace it. If it is in the service box, ask your telephone provider to check it.

If there is no dial tone, you need to locate the other phone jacks for that phone line. Find where your phone service comes in as well. Check if there is a dial tone on another jack for that phone line. If there is no dial tone, check the service box for an RJ-11 jack, Test for a dial tone there if you can plug in the RJ-11 cable. If you have a dial tone at another jack, then the problem is local to the first jack's wiring. You can open the jack and check for loose wires. There are two styles of jacks - screws or punch-down. For the screw terminal, strip the insulation and wrap it under the appropriate screw. For the punch-down keystone jack, you need a punch-down tool. The tool is available from most home improvement/building supply stores, in the wiring section. Do not strip the wire. Use the tool to press the wire down into the correct slot on the jack. See for the wiring diagram.

If you can't test the phone line or there is no dial tone at the service box, then you need to contact your telephone provider. It used to be that the provider would always test and fix outside problems for free. Some telephone companies are trying to stop repairing copper wiring. If you have a dial tone at the service box, then the problem is somewhere in the inside wiring. You may want to get someone to find a broken wire in the wall for you. Your telephone company service technicians will do this for a fee.

I hope this helps. I've had the check tel line issue times several times at my home. Twice, the outside line was damaged by mice and repaired by my telephone company. Once, a lightning strike damaged the DSL filter; it was promptly replaced. Other times, the line was damaged by contractors digging too close to the underground utilities. The contractors got the wiring repaired. When our service was switched to a fiber-optic system, we lost one telephone jack when the installer simply didn't plug in the wire. We found the loose wire behind the siding and plugged it into the port in the service box ourselves. Since then, we lost telephone and other service intermittently when the modem card in the service box was failing. That was also replaced by the telephone company technician.

Cindy Wells

Sep 01, 2018 | Panasonic Lands Phones

1 Answer

Good day, We have a Digital Cordless telephone DECT GAP, MODEL C601. It was working find and all of a sudden there's no dialling tone. I did reboot but still nothing. Bets

Is the power adapter warm? If the power transformer is cold, the base isn't getting power and can't communicate with the handset. Try a new telephone cord between the base and the jack. The cable can fail. (Make sure it's a line cord. I've seen someone plug in a handset cord here and that won't work.) If you have a DSL filter at the jack, you may need to replace it.

For the rest of the phone line diagnostics, I like to use an old wired telephone. Then you don't need to plug in the power adapter at the test locations. Check if you have a dial tone at the jack with the test phone. If you do, then the DECT GAP C601 phone is faulty. If it is, contact the manufacturer if the phone is under warranty (one year). Replace it if it isn't.

If there is no dial tone, use the test phone check for a dial tone at another jack for that line, if available. If you have a dial tone, then the problem is with the wiring to the jack or in the jack itself. Open the wall plate and look for loose wires. If a wire is loose, reconnect it in the correct location. There are two standard connections - screws or keystone jacks. For the screw type, strip a portion of the wire's shielding. Loosen the correct screw. Wrap the wire under the screw and tighten. For keystones, do not strip the shielding. Get a punch-down tool from a hardware store. Use this to push the wire into place. See (for the US standard wiring pattern).

If there isn't a second jack available or there is no dial tone at that jack, find your telephone service connection. Open the panel if you can and look at the terminals. If there is a RJ-11 connection, plug in your test phone and check for a dial tone. If you have a dial tone here, then the problem is with the wiring inside your building. You may want a professional to find and repair the break in the wires. If you can't test the phone line, contact your telephone company. They should test the line for you. Outside problems should be fixed by the telephone company (in the US) However, some companies are trying to avoid repairing copper wiring.

I hope this helps.

Cindy Wells
(My phones have lost dial tone due to nearby digging projects that accidentally cut a line. I've had rodents damage the wiring outside. (I have underground telephone lines.) I've had the DSL filter get damaged; in my case that's outside and the telephone company replaced it. I've also had a contractor fail to connect all of the wires during a service upgrade. Only one jack had no dial tone. It was easy to fish the misplaced wire back up from behind the siding and plug it into the panel. I've even lost dial tone intermittently when the fiber-optic modem card began to fail. That was fixed by the telephone company.)

May 23, 2018 | Dect Lands Phones

1 Answer

CS6482 model phone system; (1) base unit, (1) additional phone. Cordless phones are both showing "LIne In Use" but there is no dial tone and neither phone is "in use"

The "Line in Use" message often occurs when there is no dial tone. You'll need to identify where the dial tone problem is coming from. First, check that the base has power and try a new RJ-11 cable between the jack and the base. I like to use a old corded handset phone for additional testing. First plug in a different phone to the jack. Do you have a dial tone? If you do, then the CS6482 has failed.

If there is no dial tone, next try plugging the test phone into a different phone jack, if one is available. If there is a dial tone at another jack and a new cord didn't help at the first jack, then you have a wiring fault at the first jack. This could be in the jack itself or in the wiring to where the phone service comes in. You can fix the jack more easily. Remove the cover plate and determine the type of jack and look for a loose wire. If the wires are attached to screws, you remove the insulation from the end of the conductor and slide it under the appropriate screw. Then tighten the screw onto the wire. For keystone jacks, you'll need a push-down tool to press the wire back into place. The tool is sold in most hardware stores in the electrical aisle. Do not strip the wire before pushing it into place. See to match the wire colors to the correct pin on the jack.

If you do not have a dial tone at another jack or do not have another phone jack in the house to test, find the service box. Open the box and check the connection type. If you find an RJ-11 jack, use your test phone to check for a dial tone. If there is no dial tone or it isn't an RJ-11 jack, contact your telephone company. They can test the phone line and will repair the wires for free if there is outside damage. If the problem is inside the walls, the telephone company will charge a fee to repair the issue. (This may be easier than finding a broken wire in the wall yourself.) Note: some telephone companies are trying to move residential units to newer fiber optic services and do not want to repair the copper wire to the door. This can cause problems with some security phone alerts.

I know at least twice we lost the dial tone on copper wiring after rodents chewed on the wires. That issue hasn't repeated since we were upgraded to fiber. However, during the upgrade, the installer dropped one of the RJ-11 lines behind the siding on the outside wall. Thus one phone was without a dial tone, we found the dangling wire and restored the phone service in seconds. We also lost the dial tone after contractors dug into the underground telephone service up the road from us. That was repaired quickly.

I hope this helps.

Cindy Wells

Aug 16, 2016 | Lands Phones

1 Answer

When using phone I cannot call out , it gives me a fast dial tone , but I can get incoming calls

Does the fast dial tone persist, or do you get a regular dial tone after a couple of seconds? If the latter, then you have unheard messages on the voicemail system provided by your telephone company. This system records messages when someone calls while you're already on the phone. Please contact your telephone company for instructions on accessing their voicemail system.

Jan 16, 2014 | Panasonic High quality max 2.4 ghz phone...

1 Answer

Lost phone manual, uniden d2997

I have a standard trouble-shooting routine for cordless phones. 1) Remove the battery from the handset (from all handsets for a multi-handset version). Then unplug the power cord from the base and wall outlet and also remove the telephone cord. Wait a few minutes and then reconnect the power and phone line cords. Reconnect the battery (ies) for the handsets. Make sure this connection is tight. Then make sure that the battery is fully charged (15 hours before first use) and register the handsets if needed. This is done by putting each handset onto the base in order for the D2997. Wait about 30 seconds for each one until you see the Handset Registered message. Make sure that you are within range of the base.

Next try a different telephone (RJ-11) phone cord between the base and the wall jack. Also check if the power adapter for the base is warm. For the next set of tests, I like to use an old corded telephone. Using a different phone, check if you get dial tone at the jack. If there is a dial tone, then the problem is with the Uniden phone. If the above trouble-shooting didn't help, then contact Uniden. These phones aren't meant to be user serviced.

If you do not have a normal dial tone, try another jack on the same telephone line. If there is dial tone at another jack, then you have a problem with the first jack. Otherwise find where your telephone service comes in. If you have a fairly new service, you'll find an RJ-11 jack. Plug your test phone into the jack and test for dial tone. If you have no dial tone or can't test your line, call your phone company. They will fix any outside problem for free. If it is an inside wiring problem, look at the visible wiring and determine if the wires are damaged. Open the jack (if only one is bad) and check for loose wires. There are two types of jacks. One secures the terminal wires with screws and the other uses a punch-down jack. For the screw type, strip additional insulation from the conductors, if needed, and then reconnect them. For the punch-down type, you will need the punch-down tool. It is available at many hardware stores in the wiring section. Use this diagram to check your jack wiring: . If you can't see an obvious problem with the wiring, you may want a professional to deal with the wiring in the wall. Your telephone company will do this for a fee.
Uniden has the manuals for their DECT phones on their site: . The manual for the D2997 is available here: .

I hope this helps.

Cindy Wells

Nov 26, 2011 | Uniden Lands Phones

1 Answer

I have 2 problems. 1. The orange message light will not stop flashing no matter what I do. 2. Some how the system was switched from touch tone to dial tone. I can't seem to that switched either.

Resetting the voice message waiting indicator
When you receive a new voice mail message, the new message LED on the top of the handset flashes. In the event your message waiting light gets out of sync with your phone company's
voice messaging system, you can manually reset it back to the "No messages waiting" state.
1. Press and hold FiND on the base for five seconds.
Note: The handsets connected to the base will start to beep, however, keep pressing for five seconds.
2. A beep sounds and the message alert tone is reset.
Changing the dial mode
Your phone can communicate with the telephone network in two different ways: tone dialing or pulse dialing. These days, most base networks use a method called tone dialing, so your phone comes programmed for tone dialing. If your phone company uses pulse dialing, you will need to change your phone's dial mode. If you don't get a dial tone or can't connect to the telephone network, please follow the steps below to modify your phone's settings:
2. Select the Global Setup menu, and then the Dial Mode submenu.
3. Scroll to highlight Pulse.
4. Press MENU/SELECT. You will hear a confirmation tone.
If you ever need to change the dial mode back to tone dialing, follow the same procedure, but select Tone in step 3.

Finally for future ease of use, here is a link to the user manual were I copied the above information from:

Jul 21, 2011 | Uniden DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone ID

1 Answer

How to retrieve messages when not at home? Model 26976GE 1A


This section explains the remote access process for use with any touchtone


1. Dial the phone number for the answering machine.

2. After the answering system answers, press any numbered key on the

touch-tone pad to bypass the outgoing announcement, or wait until

the announcement finishes.

3. Enter the security code after you hear the tone.

4. Follow the voice menu to use the answering machine's remote functions.

The remote feature enables you to perform the following functions:

To Press this button

Review message 1

Play back messages 2

Stop message play back 2

Erase message 0

(during message playback)

Skip message 3

Turn off/on answerer 4

Review voice menu options 7
No valid dialing tones for 15 seconds will hang up the telephone line.

You can get the manual on the link below if you need page 31.

Good luck

Dec 04, 2010 | GE Spacemaker 26976 Cordless Phone

1 Answer

HP officejet all-in-one...keeps saying phone is off of the hook and will not give me a dial tone to fax. Is there a particular setting I need to check ?????

The very first thing to check with a fax machine is that the line itself is OK. The possibilities are much greater that there is a problem with the LINE and not the HP itself.
Hook up a regular telephone to the fax line, disconnecting anything else that may be on the line. If the telephone doesn't have a dial tone, call the phone company. If you DO have a dial tone, then maker sure that the phone line is connected to the correct port on the HP. There are two, usually. One is for the LINE and the other is for an EXTENSION (a phone that is daisy chained off the fax machine). If you have the LINE connected to the EXT port, it may give you this error.
If you have multiple items connected to the same phone line, try removing all of them but one regular phone, and see if you have a dial tone. If so, add the other items back, checking for a dial tone after each one. If one of them causes a lack of dial tone, replace or repair it.

The phone company may tell you that the problem lies in your inside wiring. I have seen that before. You can take your phone out to the telephone service box on the outside of the building. These usually have regular phone jacks in them. Disconnect the jack wire that runs into your house, and connect the regular telephone into the box itself. If you have a dial tone, then there is indeed a problem with the wiring in your building.

Jul 16, 2009 | HP Office Equipment & Supplies

1 Answer

How do I turn off message waiting indicator light

The VMWI led will stay lit if you have voice mail service from your telephone service provider. A lot of providers will also give a broken or stutter dial tone when you first go off hook as an indication of messages waiting. If you hear a stutter dial tone when you first go off hook, you will need to contact your telephone service provider. If not, you can try a simple reset on the base unit, just unplug it from teh AC adapter for about 5 minutes and then plug it back in.

Mar 17, 2009 | Uniden 5.8GHz Dual Cordless Phone

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