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Can't Access Public Shares via NFS

I have creatred an NFS User in the nas.I tried 2 different NFS clients (Microsoft SFU and DiskAccess) to connect with no success.
I can see the public share thru the NFS Network ,i can mount it BUT when i try to open it (access it) i get ACCESS IS DENIED.
I opened a case with Intel,but at this point they are still asking alot of typical and irrelavant questions,maybe ,at some point,they will ask me the name of my dog too :))
Any help is mostly welcomed

Posted by spetrid on

  • frontosa May 30, 2008

    yup same problem, try to access shared folders and reports access denied. how do i fix this thing ??

  • Anonymous May 30, 2008

    I have exactly the same problem. I even tried Rebuilding (Configured to raid 5). Tried firmware flashing with same firmware. Tried almost everything. Except Upgrading Firmware to 1.4, cause it says it will destroy the data. Called Intel, they said I must send it to them to recover. Now why is there a Recovery CD that does not work?



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You can mount the shares something like this:

mount -t cifs -o username=backup,password=YoUrPaSS // /mnt/nas/projects/

...where is IP of SS4000-E and /projects is the shares folder
and /mnt/nas/projects/ is folder you have created on your Linux box

Hope this helps
Best Regards

Posted on Oct 28, 2008



Hello, I have the same problem. Any idea?

Posted on Aug 01, 2008


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How may I scan to FTP

FTP Scanning Configuration
FTP scanning is a process where the copier communicates to a small program (Scanner File
Utility - SFU) on your workstation. The Utility 'catches' the incoming file and saves it to the
specified folder.
Pros: Installation is somewhat simpler than SMB scanning. Changes in user settings or
passwords don't affect ability to scan.
Cons: SFU software must be installed and running in order to scan. The SFU must be listed
as an exception in the Windows Firewall or 3rd party security software (such as Norton).
[Note: You will need to have 'administrative rights' on your computer to accomplish many of the tasks outlined. If
you are not comfortable making technical changes to your computer -changing firewall settings, etc. - you
should seek assistance. Not every mouse-click is specified in these instructions, since settings locations and
nomenclature vary from system to system.]
1. Gather network data for your computer.
A. Open a command prompt window.
1. XP: Start, run, type 'cmd', OK
2. Vista/Win7: Start, type 'cmd', <Enter>
B. In the black command prompt window type 'ipconfig /all' <Enter>
C. Use displayed information to fill in the first section on the Worksheet (you will need
to scroll back to the top to find some of it).
2. Create folder for Scans
A. Decide where this folder should be located (must be on a local hard drive on the
machine you're working on, not a 'mapped' network location -i.e. not the Z: drive or similar.) We
often keep it simple, creating a new folder called 'Scans' in the root directory of C:
B. Create a desktop shortcut for new folder: R-click on folder, Send-to, Desktop
3. Install the Scanner File Utility (SFU)
A. If you haven't yet downloaded the SFU, it can be found at:
B. Run 'Setup'.
1. We advise that you don't change any of the defaults. Click "Next" or "Yes" to
everything. Then "Finish" at the end.
C. Start and Configure the SFU
1. Go to Start, Programs, Scanner User Software, Scanner File Utility (this
will start the SFU. A new icon will be in the 'System Tray' at lower right corner of screen.)2. This icon resembles a flatbed scanner, but should have a purplish-pink circle
and slash around it, indicating that the program is currently 'stopped'.
3. Right-click on the icon, and choose "Configuration".
4. Chose Setup.
5. Check the "Reception Notice" box.
6. Change the "Hard Disk Warning" from 80% to 95%.
7. Select "New" to create a destination.
A. In the "No." field, type 001.
B. In "Folder" click the "..." button and browse to select the 'Scans'
folders you created in Step 2.
C. In "System Connection Program" choose "PDF Keyword Embedder".
D. Click OK.
E. [Note: if you want more than one destination/folder for scans on your
computer (e.g. 'Clients A-M', 'Clients N-Z', 'Bookkeeping') create more
desitingations: 002, 003, etc. Each pointing to a different folder.]
8. Click OK to close the Setup window.
9. Click OK to close the SFU window.
10. Right-click on the SFU tray icon and select START. The circle and slash
should go away.
4. Make the SFU an 'exception' in the firewall.
A. You need to know if your computer is using Windows Firewall or a 3rd party
firewall or no firewall. If no firewall is enabled, go to Step 5.
B. Windows Firewall:
1. XP: go to the Control Panel and either click on "Windows Firewall" or go to
the Security Center and find it there. Go to Exceptions and add the SFU.
2. Vista/Win7: Press Start, type "Windows Firewall", look above and select
"Windows Firewall" (not "Windows Firewall with Advanced Security"). Allow a
program through the firewall . . . add the SFU.
C. For 3rd party software consult the instructions or help feature of that program.
When you attempt to use the SFU, some security software provides an automatic
pop-up, asking if it should allow either "Scanner File Utility" or "NsCatCom.exe" to
access the internet. If this happens, choose "Allow".
5. Identify the copier IP address.
A. Go to the copier, press the 'Counter' button, Print Status Page, Yes.
B. The IP Address is found in the left column in the 'Network' section under IPv4.
C. Note it on the worksheet. (might be a number like
6. Go to the 'Kyocera Command Center' (the web interface).
A. Open a browser, like you want to surf the net (e.g. IE, Firefox, Chrome)
B. At the top address bar, where you would type '', erase
everything and type the copier IP address, <Enter>.
1. If you see a 'Basic' tab along the upper portion of the screen, no password is
2. If there is only a 'Start' tab, but no 'Basic', 'Printer', 'Scanner', etc., then click
on 'Login'. The Password on most machines is 'admin00'. The newest
machines have a login of Admin and p/w of Admin.7. Add a new Contact in Address Book.
A. If there is a 'Settings' option in the left column, choose it. Then select Basic tab,
Address Book, Contacts, Add Contact.
1. At the very top enter the name for the user (e.g. George, Judy, Accounting, Server)
2. In the FTP section there are 2 fields that need to be filled in (don't change port
a. 'Host Name' can be filled in either with your computer's Host Name or
the IP Address. If DHCP is enabled on your computer, you may want to
try the Host Name first (IP address might change, but the Host Name does not).
But for some computers on some networks, the Host Name will
inexplicably fail to resolve.
b. The 'Path' is "001" as entered in Step 3-C-7 above. (If you made more than
one scan destination/folder, create a new 'Contact' for each one.)
c. 'Login User Name' or 'Password' do not need to be changed.
3. At the bottom click on Submit.
8. Confirm network settings in copy machine.
A. While still in the Kyocera Command Center go to the Advanced tab, TCP/IP,
B. Confirm that 3 values match the information on the Worksheet: Default Gateway,
DNS Server Primary, DNS Server Secondary (if applicable). If not, change them to
match the numbers on the worksheet.
C. If you made changes, go to bottom of page: Submit, OK.
D. Go to copy machine. Turn off at power button on panel, then flip main power
switch on side of machine. Wait 10 seconds. Turn back on.
9. Create One-Touch key.
A. [Note: The One-Touch keys that show up in the bottom of the first screen in Send
mode don't contain any information themselves, the only provide a short cut to
contacts already input in Address book.]
B. Go to copy machine. Press 'Send' key, on touch panel select 'Address Book',
'Register/Edit Address Book', 'One Touch Key'
C. Press to highlight the key (button) you want to assign, 'Register/Edit', select
name to assign to that key, OK, Close, Close, OK.
10. Perform a test scan.
A. Place a document in the feeder.
B. Select the One-Touch key you just created.
C. Press the green 'Start' button.
1. If the 'new image' notification pops up on your screen, give yourself a
Gold Star. It seldom works perfectly on the first attempt. You are done.
2. If there is an error, look on the touch panel and note the 4-digit error
code. (It won't appear on the printed error page.)
a. 1101 or 2101 is a problem with Host Name or IP address.
b. 1102 or 2102 is a problem with the SFU or firewall.
c. 1103 or 2103 is a problem finding or writing to the folder settings.

Jun 03, 2013 | Microsoft Windows XP Professional


Access to the NAS-T2 from Linux

Quick tip: when accessing the NAS-T2 from Linux, mount any NAS-T2 shares using smbfs, not cifs.

More detail: This tip presumes you're familiar with mounting filesystems in Linux and are trying to mount an NAS-T2 share in Linux. The older smbfs filesystem type for mounting Windows shares is deprecated in favor of the newer cifs filesystem type. However, the NAS-T2 is built on some older flavor of Windows and behaves very oddly when mounted as a cifs filesystem. Changing back to the older smbfs filesystem type solved all my problems.

on Jan 13, 2008 | Fastora 2 Bays Network Attach Storage...

1 Answer

FTP not working on BlackArmor using IE or Windows 7 Explorer Share created, even public access enabled. Details: 200 Switching to ASCII mode 550 Permission denied

Check on BlackArmor Manager that the FTP mode is enabled for the folder you want access to.
You can check it by typing "" in the adress bar on your explorer, enter your login and password ("admin" and "admin" by default), then click
storage -> shares
if "FTP" is disabled, click on the pen (modify) and enable it. don't forget to click "submit" ;-)

Hope it was helpful

Sep 24, 2011 | Seagate BlackArmor NAS 110...

1 Answer

Windows vista is not detecting lacie network space 2 i am trying to install a lacie network space 2 (1T) on a home network. i use windows vista icw avg free virus software. i installed the latest...

In your office network, for sure, you have a DHCP server who gave the IP addresses to all devices for that network and this seems to be the reason for why you could see your NAS. On home, you also need a DHCP server. You don't say anything about you home network. The best idea is to just make a temporary network with 2 devices: your computer and your NAS by connecting the NAS directly to your computer's network adapter, set the IPV4 IP for that adapter to the same class addresses as your NAS was set by default (usually NAS had "192.168.x.y" where "x" could be 0, 1 or 2 "y" could be any value between 1 and 254, but mostly, 1) and try to access it via http to manage him (need a user name and a password). For NAS default address and username and password, consult NAS user manual. Access it with from your preferred browser using: \\192.168.x.y
Once you gain the control, cut off his DHCP service and tell him to accept the IP address from the network defined DHCP. (btw: one normal DHCP server is allowed on one network! Cascaded DHCP also is allowed, but it's a little bit complicated)
Good luck!

Jun 25, 2011 | LaCie Space 2 (301515EK) 1000 GB Network...

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What is nas

network attached storage server using bsd.used for backup

Feb 05, 2011 | Microsoft Windows XP Professional for PC

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I have a env touch and i dont have a data package or a texting plan do i need one of those to look at my email on the env touch

Accessing the email via your wireless hand held could be done in different ways. One could need an enterprise data package but the other one does not

1. Access of email via the internet browser of your phone.
2. Access your email via the mail client saved in your phone.

If you're connecting your phone via the access point of hot spot using the WiFi of the phone to gain internet access, then there's no need for you to have an enterprise data plan.

However, if you would like to connect to the internet via your wireless provider, then, you will need the enterprise data plan, so that you could have a reliable internet connection. And you could access your email account.

Email account can be accessible via Web mail or mail client of your phone. If you would like to set the mail client of your phone, you will need to decide whether to create a POP or an IMAP account.

You can also have additional info through your wireless provider.

Thank you and good luck!

Jun 19, 2010 | LG enV Touch VX11000 Cell Phone

1 Answer

Cannot access WD NAS - need help - please ?

I would say that you should re-install the Western Digital My Book.

Hope this helps!

Feb 04, 2010 | Western Digital My Book World Edition 1TB...

1 Answer

Cannot detect the lacie 1tb exreme big disk

Hi there!
Same issue here
Running win XP on my laptop and I have my LaCie NAS on my network and was working fine 'til today.
Issue: unable to access my LaCie NAS
troubleshooting done:1- rebooting NAS 2-power cycling the whole network 3- also tried accessing NAS from a Mac Book (used to be able) 4- nable to ping it by name or by IP
I had one my NAS's shares mapped to Y:, Now I can see the share from my network places but when I go to map network drive the Y: is no more assigned to that share.
My next move would be to re-install the NAS but I want to know and make sure that this will not delete what I have on that NAS.
Thanks to anyone that would jump in and give a hand to a desperate novice in Networking

Sep 30, 2009 | LaCie Big Disk Extreme (300797U) 1000 GB...

2 Answers

Compaq PE2160 with LINUX OS

Check to make sure all of your paths in the mount command are right. I had this issue a week ago and after putzing with it for a few days I noticed I was trying to mount a non-existent share. Fixed my ***** command and it worked right away. Other things to look at: Check your /etc/exports on the server and make sure the shares are in there. Also make sure that they are active by restarting nfs (/etc/init.d/nfsd restart (may be different now, that worked years ago)). Last, double check your mount command on the client. Make sure the share exists and the server is pingable. If this doesn't help, you may want to try searching on some linux specific forums. is good, or if you have ubuntu,

May 26, 2008 | Compaq Presario Desktop with Intel Pentium...

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Cannot Access Shares

Log on the computer to "administrator" account both system will see each other. To do this:

when computer prompted to type your password , Simultaneously press" Ctrl+Alt+Delete" 2 times and you'll prompted to type the username: Just type "administrator" and then enter(note: applicable if the the administrator username has no password.)

any problem regarding the solution please notify me for further information.

Jan 07, 2008 | Buffalo Technology HD-HG400LAN...

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