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Whirlpool calypso washer black streaks

Is anybody else having a problem with black/brown streaks and/or oil spots showing up on their clothing after washing? I had a repair man out and he couldn't find anything wrong. He said there's no transmission to get oil on clothes but they are there - mostly ruining my whites of course. I should have gottem more than 5 years out of a machine!

Posted by mamabair on

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  • rcarr Apr 19, 2008

    I've noticed small black pieces of material (could be rubber) all over clothes after the spin cycle. Washer is six years old.

  • Anonymous Apr 24, 2008

    I have the same problem. The Calypso ruined countless dress shirts when the collars or arms get sucked down into the space between the basket and the wash plate. There is a rubber seal that appears to be permanently attached to the bottom of the wash plate (replaced agitator on standard washing machine) that appears to have shrunk and has left a gap between teh tub and wash plate. It took a few incidents to figure this out. I have some very nice dress shirts (white of course) with brown burn marks from being stuck between the stationary tub and the moving base plate. I also ruined a 1200 thread count set of sheets ($250, thanks Whirlpool). I have to get this repaired and frankly am considering a standard non-Whirlpool washer. I used to swear by them, now I swear at them. Anyone know of a reputable repair shop? Should I go to Sears? Should I trash the washer and get one with a standard agitator? This Calypso system is no revolution in technology as it was touted. I believe my old $300 washer was better and it was over 14 years old when it quit.

  • Garden Mamma Apr 28, 2008

    I have started getting black streaks on my husbands work shirts that are light in color. Anything that I wash that is work related clothing gets the black streaks on them. None of my everyday white clothes have them. We are looking into purchasing a new washer and dryer next year. And the dryer is very noisey. We have had both of them for 5 years now. I wish I had never purchased them.

  • Anonymous May 01, 2008

    I'm having the same problem. I have ruined two expensive sets of white 1000 count sheets and several white clothing items. Today, I just ruined a new white jacket of my husbands that was $100!!!! It doesn't do it to my towels. Just clothing and sheets.

    Has anyone tried the solution of the old towel and vinegar? I wonder if it works?

  • momlaughter May 04, 2008

    black marks have ruined all my clothes

  • Anonymous Jun 07, 2008

    we've hadthe same problem with what appears to be grease marks on the clothes. type of clothoing doesn'ty matter. We've tried multiple cleaning methods including scrubbing under the agitator and under the lip at the top.

  • arog Jun 23, 2008

    Not only am I having black streaks, it actually ate on of my sons football uniform shirts. After much searching and cursing we were able to pull it out with needle nose pliers. The black streaks are all over my light clothes. I have found that if you turn all of the light colored clothes wrong side out to wash the marks are not as noticable. That doesn't work on towels or sheets. If there is something I know I don't want ruined I go to the cleaners or take it to the neighbors. I have not liked this set since I got it. I have found no solutions to stop this problem. I have tried smaller loads, larger loads. Nothing seeems to make a difference.

  • Anonymous Jun 28, 2008

    I've had the same problem. I disassembled the machine and cleaned the wash basin, but the black/gray streaks still show up. Countless items of clothing are effectively ruined. I think it's time to find a replacement and swear off all Kenmore and Whirlpool appliances for good.

  • charteris5 Aug 03, 2008

    when I wash sheets or really thin fabrics I am getting black streaks that do not come out.... loooks like grease... i have always used only he detergents.

  • Anonymous Aug 08, 2008

    Not only do I sometimes get the black streaks, my clothes usually smell bad. I cannot find the answer? I also only use HE detergent. I also get a film on the clothes and they are usually not clean. Washing on HANDWASH is a joke. The clothes do NOT get clean. We spend alot of money on this machine and I have been very disappointed. I wish I would have checked this website before buying my machine. I tell everyone of the problems so they don't make the same mistake.!!

  • Anonymous Nov 17, 2008

    My washer was top of the line when we bought it 6 years ago. All it does is leave black grease stains....Sears or Whirlpool refuses to help us and know that is a common problem. There was a lawsuit and I was not notified and now, I am out my washer, no one to help, and no compensation for false advertising. We will never go back to Sears or buy Whirlpool appliances again.

  • Anonymous Dec 16, 2008

    We also have the same problem although our spots are brown. I read all the postings before Sears came out...sure enough it was because of the fabric softener. We do not use it. Then he explained we have hard water that we soften, and that we may be using too much soap. Then he continued to show us the build up under the shaft. We decreased our soap use but we still occasionally get the streaks. I run a gallon of white vinegar and hot water through an empty cycle about every three weeks. It seems to decrease the amount of streaks appearing!

  • lgl172 Dec 21, 2008

       I have all the same problems, I paid a lot for this machine, and I loved it at first because it was not beating up my clothes. Then all of a sudden I started to notice stains, weird spots and now I have this horrible nasty goo on my clothing. It looks like my clothes were rolled in mud and in the lint from the dryer! Its just nasty! I have done every cleaning technique I know how to do. My washer has literally ruined my bedsheets, towels and some very nice jeans, and shirts. Its like it took a vacation and crapped out. Im furious! 

  • bennyandsara Jan 04, 2009

    We have been getting the black streaks for about 1.5 years. At first, cleaning out the dispensing tray for bleach and water collecting in the tray helped, but it still does it once every 4-5 loads. I will try taking the agitator apart and replacing the gasket around the perimeter of the agitator. If anything helps, I'll post the results...

  • rcgsltx Jan 05, 2009

    I've had a problem with reddish brown streaks from the Calypso washer or dryer for at least 4 years. Didn't call Sears repair because I didn't want a run around and didn't want to have to pay for something the repairman might not fix right. Also have a problem with bleach leaking out of the bleach dispenser on the load following whites. Have ruined a lot of clothes with this set. I spent nearly $2000 on this set and have had nothing but aggravation with it. I have a Kenmore washer and dryer that is 20 years old at my cabin. Never had a problem with that set at all. I won't buy from Sears again though.

  • Anonymous Jan 08, 2009

    Our set is almost 4 years old.

    1) We started noticing about a year ago that the dark, especially black, clothing came out of the wash cycle with a gooey mess on them. We switched to using Woolite For Dark Clothing. That seemed to help for awhile. Have done a few loads today, and have NOT used any liquid fabric softner, and still have encountered the problem.

    2) Last night I thought I figured out what was going on.(Before I decided to see if anything like this website existed). Tried cleaning the top area of the washer under the big rubber gasket. That is where the water comes in. There was some build up of dirt there, but not enough to make the mess that resulted. Before doing this, I did a load of wash, whites, and there was big pieces of lint all over the clothes, and tons of small messy particles. They almost looked like chocolate, and smeared like it.

    3) We sometimes get the dark streaks on clothing.

    4) Seems like we spent a bunch of $$ on ****.

    My next set will be just an economy regular machine. Then if I have problems, I won't feel so bad for spending so much money.

    Will try the solutions I've read on here.

    a) try an old towel and vinegar on hot

    b) take the ****** apart and try cleaning it

  • mamorini Apr 28, 2009

    I also have this problem and can't seem to fix it...I became so upset with sears and this machine that I purchased a contract with another company for repair services because this machine was costing me a fortune, however this condition is not covered under my contract because it is not mechanical. My pump (which is covered) on this machine has been replaced 3 times! What garbage they sold us!

  • beckster53 Mar 17, 2010

    I have owned this machine since '02. I have noticed dark stains occasionally, but always thought it must have been me, putting something dark in the machine, or not cleaning the drum out, etc. (of course I am a woman and think it's my fault)
    Before this latest load, I cleaned the entire machine inside and out, had all whites, all items were ok to use bleach, I pretreated with shout etc., and so I used bleach, you should have seen the marks on the white shirts and tee shirts.
    We bought at Lowes, and we actually bought the extended warranty, and of course, it is worthless, the warranty only is good for machines with transmissions. This unit does not have a transmission.
    My husband is furious, these are his clothes that are being ruined and costing us money, is on his way to Lowes to see what they will do, if anything. I think they should at least refund the cost of our extended warranty.
    We paid $999.00 for this machine and will probably have to dump it to buy another one. Any suggestions?

  • lmedecke
    lmedecke Jan 30, 2013

    I agree. Even when Sears replaced six parts last week, including the control board two time, the washer is still putting grey on the clothes. i wish there was a classs action suit against the manufacturer or Whirlpool. I am afraid to wash any other clothes. It just ruined new dish cloths which had never been washed before now and a nightgown which used to be mint green. The lawsuit only applies to those who have paid out money. However, i have a warranty agreement with Sears. I don't know if i ever want to buy another stainless steel washer in case it is the problem. They don't know what is causing it.

  • Alicia Schanie
    Alicia Schanie Oct 23, 2013

    My washer is not even 2 years old and I have the same black/brown streaks that look like oil stains. Mine is a Frigidaire Washer/Dryer Combo Model GLGH1642FS5



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To all that are having a problem with these calypso washers... if you have paid for a repair then you need to check out the lawsuit... and see if it applies to you.
but if you are getting a mark or a residue on your clothes, then look at the inner wash plate gasket, where it meets with the outer stainless steel tub. if there is a gap between the gasket and the tub then thats where the marks are coming from.
it happens alot and thats not covered by the settlement, but its not too bad to replace the inner wash plate. you need to remove the cabinet, then the tub cover and the innerwash plate dome. then 6 screws and the cover will come off.
replacing the inner wash plate will solve the stains and get you a few more years of use until you have to buy a new washer as more items may fail.

Posted on Jan 06, 2009



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I am also finding black or brown streaks on clothing. Of course, I don't see it until the items come out of the dryer. The tech came out to fix the constant squeaking and when I showed him the marks, he explained that it was the gasket around the drum on the dryer. He did a quick clean up and I've not seen the marks since.

Posted on Dec 19, 2008



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Over the past year black marks have ruined more than a 1000 dollars worth of clothes and sheets. the repair man said it is my fault because i did not use he detergent.bull....i think it is a defect with calypso and we should get compinsation for this, we all need to get together and do something. i called whirlpol and was told that there was nothing they could do for me. my washer is also between 5 and 6 years old and cost 1000 [email protected] write me

Posted on May 04, 2008

  • lmedecke
    lmedecke Jan 30, 2013

    i would also like to know if there is an answer to this TERRIBLE AND WORST WASHER OF ALL TIME!



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This can be caused by dmamaged heating core.
Try washing with one old towel and vinegar. That most of the time will help remove the gunk out of the machine. Make sure it is a HOT wash

Posted on Apr 20, 2008


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Just had the same problem tore machine all apart, couldn't find anything wrong suspect it was a build up of all the liquid fabric softener(don't use it). Cleaned it all up we'll see how it works.

Posted on Aug 14, 2008

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1 Answer

Brown streaks on my clothes after washing them

O.K. Here it is, I solved it. After calling whirlpool who was of no help at all, reading all links about the Duet washer and/or the Duet dryer, I finally solved the problem myself. I too, thought it was the washer but, upon close inspection, found the felt on the dryer had worn out in one spot. The thin brown lines always showed up on whites and more so on anything very thin. I took the dryer apart and found a small burn line on the drum (brown and thin). I replaced the felt ($60) and used Simple Green to clean off the brown. Works perfect, no more thin brown lines. If you can't take the dryer apart, I called for repair and found the price with parts to average $250.
I was ready to sell the darn thing after it ruined about $300 worth of clothes. All in all, it's been three weeks and still working fine.

May 19, 2010 | Washing Machines

2 Answers

My clothes are being stained by brown/black marks. I think it is an oil leak into the drum. Is it a seal and is it easy to fix? Frigidaire Gallery Model # FWT647GHSO

Spots on clothing in a washer are usually caused by a reaction between detergent and fabric softeners, but to check and see if these spots are petroleum based (oil), try removing the spots with solvent. If the spots will come out with solvent, but not with soap and water, then it could be transmission oil that is leaking into the tub and this is very bad news. This was a common problem on the older GE and Hotpoint washers. Sorry to hear about the problem that you are having and I hope this helped. Best wishes.

Aug 02, 2009 | Washing Machines

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Same thing

Liquid fabric softners usually cause spots and/or marks on light colored clothing . If you rewash the clothing and the marks dissapear , then try using dryer sheets instead . However , if you have an older dryer , then clothing could be getting rubbed between the rear drum seal and panel , but that would cause streaks but no spotting .

Jul 26, 2009 | Washing Machines

1 Answer

Whirlpool Duet Washer/Dryer get brown streaks on clothing

The brown stains are likely coming from the felt drum seal. The OEM adhesive is tar based - and after time and use - breaks down.

You'll need a new felt seal - and the adhesive that is used should be silicone based... eliminating the brown streaks.

Thanks for using FixYa - a 4 THUMBS rating is appreciated for answering your FREE question

Jul 16, 2009 | Whirlpool Duet GHW9150P Front Load Washer

1 Answer

Stains on clothes after washing

This sounds like the infamous "Frigidaire Flaw" (they make some of GE's washers). The likely culprit is that the bearings on the drum's spindle are leaking.

To diagnose, call a repair man, or pull it out and remove the back cover. If you see brown streaks from the center spindle - that's it.

Repair is cheap if you can do the work yourself (inner and outer bearings), but $300+ for a technician

Feb 09, 2009 | GE WPXH214A Front Load Washer

1 Answer

Oil in the Tub getting on clthes

the oil will be coming from the bearings it usually comes onto clothes as brown rusty colour spots if so change bearings

Dec 20, 2008 | Washing Machines

3 Answers

Brown streaks on clothes

Are the streaks on smaller pieces of clothing (socks, etc.)? If so, the clothing item might be getting caught inside the rubber gasket around the door, and getting the streak from there. Try cleaning inside the fold of the rubber gasket very well, and often and see if it keeps happening.


Jan 30, 2008 | Frigidaire GLTF1670A Front Load Washer

4 Answers

Dryer is leaving brown streaks on cotton clothes

To all victims of the brownish colored streak marks: I share your frustration!!! I have the same problem with my dryer which started when my dryer was only 3 or 4 years old - - totally unacceptable for an expensive top of the line dryer! A repair guy showed me how the brownish streak marks come from the felt liner which goes around the drum. Look inside your dryer for the beige or tan colored felt which sticks out around the circular drum. If you rub the felt with an old white t-shirt or paper towel, you will see the same brownish colored marks. My repairman recommended getting the felt replaced eventually, but until then, he gave me the following tips which really help avoid getting the streaks: For white or light colored clothes susceptible to the brownish streak marks: I dry these items as part of a very lightweight dryer load - with just a few other lightweight items. By doing a small lightweight load, clothing is less likely to get caught up & rub against the felt edges. For example, I dry 4 light colored men's dress shirts with 2 or 3 other lightweight shirts. OR for white or light colored athletic "dry fit" type athletic apparel, I dry 6 - 8 total lightweight shirts/shorts. If I throw my white Nike top or white pair of summer pants into the dryer with all my "whites", they will be doomed to getting brownish streaks due to the heavy load pushing them against the darned felt liner! Whenever possible, I wash susceptible items on permanent press to avoid wrinkling, then hang dry. Prior to putting these clothes in the dryer, I also "pre-clean" the felt with an old white cotton t-shirt by reaching into the dryer and rubbing along the felt edges until I'm not getting as much brownish color on the t-shirt rag. For a permanent fix, call a repairman or see the following do-it-yourself YouTube video on "Dryer Repair - Replacing the Lower Front Drum Felt Seal": . I have a repair person coming today to fix 2 other appliances, so I'm finally getting my dryer fixed, and I will post an update soon.

Dec 30, 2007 | Dryers

8 Answers

Oil Like Stains on dark cotton Clothes - Whirlpool duet

Problem Solved !!!
Ok, I had to stop and tell everyone about my latest experience. When we moved here we bought the nice Whirlpool front load washer and dryer set. I Love them....still don't understand how my clothes get clean with so little water, but love them. ..................That is until lately. I was really upset about a total of 4 white blouses that looked to have some kind of light splattered stains on them after washing. I would try to wash them again with a stain remover sprayed or scrubbed on the spots, but they wouldn't come clean. I gave up and considered the blouses ruined. I told William what was happening and he called the repair man out because he thought it might be some kind of part in the machine that was leaking oil onto the clothes when they were washing. The guy came out and told William that there wasn't anything that could go into the washer tub and get onto the clothes. He then looked around in the washer and at the little detergent dispenser drawer. He suggested that we use 1 cup of Clorox and 1/4 cup of dish washer detergent (cascade with dawn degreaser crystals) on a hot to medium water temperature and turn it on a complete wash cycle to make sure that we didn't have mold and mildew setting up in our machine. After he left, I proceeded to do what he told us. I though.....the blouses are probably ruined anyway. I had tried to get out all the spots to no avail, so what the heck......I threw them into the mix too! Would you believe they came out clean, very bright white (instead of yellowed or dingy from continued wear) and the washer smells as sweet as it did when it was new. Why didn't they tell me about this when I bought it ??????????? I plan on putting the detergent mix in the washer every couple of months and throwing in all the whites that I can find to take advantage of the cleaning effect on the whites. (I thought that maybe some of you had gotten stains on white clothes that you would like to get out too)

Dec 06, 2007 | Whirlpool Duet GHW9150P Front Load Washer

1 Answer

Front loader washing machine = black streaks on clothing

I am a recently retired engineer of 20 years once you have ruled out anything getting inside the machine by accident etc, like something in pockets or greasy overalls, then its likely to be the drum bearings, has the machine started to get noisy on the spin the drum bearings are covered by a rubber seal, this seal gets damaged or worn and water leaks into the bearings themselves washing out the grease back into the drum where the washing is, you could also notice slight water marks on the floor underneath the machine on the floor, take the back off and look for water marks coming from the drum outer casing behind the pulley, these marks will be brown and will originate from a small drain hole, if any of the above change the bearings before any real damage is done, either to the clothes or the machine, as repair can be expensive? sorry, hope i have helped you as to where to look at least,

Sep 18, 2007 | Kenmore 46462 Front Load Washer

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