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Could you help me with partitioning my hard drive please?

Hi, you posted a response to my fj270 question, and you are correct saying that i am going back to XP from Vista ultimate. I was unaware of the different file systems causing a problem

Any help on how to do this would be very helpful. Hopefully i can print the directions off and get to work on this by the weekend now.

Thanks once again,


Posted by Chris17house on

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  • Chris17house Mar 27, 2008

    Ok, here is the next problem.

    When i boot up with the recovery cd, it loads up for a minute or so and then goes to a screen that has a pop up box saying "cannot use this recovery cd for this computer, please verify model" (or very close to those words).

    This may have something to do with the fact that when i try to view my computer information through vaio central, or on "my computer" it no longer has the model name displayed where it should be, so im thinking its not the recovery disk.

    I do have a disk wipe utility that erases the HDD, that came with Window Washer, that i have burned on a cd.

    The recovery disk gives me no options, except to restart because it doesnt recognize my model.

  • Chris17house Mar 27, 2008

    And i just viewed the C:/ properties and I am using the NTFS file system.

  • Chris17house Mar 27, 2008

    I can however get to the restore C:/ to factory settings screen by restarting my laptop and holding down F10. I didnt want to see how far i would get for fear of having it formatted but the NFTS filesystem causing problems.

    Im gonna stop talking until you respond haha.

    Once again thank you very much.

  • Chris17house Mar 27, 2008

    I have the VGN-FJ270 model, however i was unaware that there was an FJ270/b and FJ270/P. It looks like i have the fj270/p disk.

    Sony no longer makes the recovery disks for my model so the lady said that i can call back when i have time and tech support will walk me through re-imaging my HDD!?!?

  • Chris17house Mar 28, 2008

    Oke doke, here is what i was trying to explain, i think that my laptop is messed up.

    When i enter the recovery center on my vaio laptop i get this message "This computer is not recognized as a VAIO computer. Not all features will operate as designed".

    Whats the deal?

  • Chris17house Mar 28, 2008

    Can I do a dual-boot without having the recovery disk?

  • Chris17house Mar 29, 2008


    I am not sure if the vista disk is a recovery disk too, what would i need to look for to determine this?

    The vaio recovery console displayed the same symptoms before i ever purchased the recovery cd from ebay. Im guessing that it was damaged ever since vista was installed.

    I do have an xp pro cd with a new cd-key (at least i believe it is unused.)

    I put the XP cd in today, and it gave me a few options, but the one option that wasnt able to be used was the "install" feature, guessing this is so because i already have vista installed.

    So hmmm, what is the next step?

  • Chris17house Mar 29, 2008

    The link to the bios update gives the following error message:

    "This update is not intended for use with your computer model". Even though we know that it is the correct model number.

    I read somewhere today that you had to update the bios before you installed vista or else you would have problems, but i never knew this.

    There werent any posted updates for vista drivers on the sony site, there were only updates for XP drivers.

    The XP pro cd wont boot when the computer is restarted, however the vista cd will.

    If i open the cd on the computer, I have the following options:

    -Learn more about the setup process
    -Perform additional tasks
    -Setup remote desktop connection
    -Setup a home or small office network
    -Transfer files and settings
    -Browse this cd
    -View the release notes

    -Check system compatibility

    It looks like that bios update (if we could get it to work, would solve a lot of problems and maybe make my computer useable again.) I did notice however, that the updates look like they are
    for Windows Vista Home, not for Vista Ultimate (if that makes a difference).

    Unfortunately i dont know anyone running ME or 98, though i do have an old win98 install disk.

    Cant thank you enough for the support and help.

  • Chris17house Mar 29, 2008

    Hi sorry, went to bed before i saw this post.

    I do not have a floppy drive, i do on a different computer, all vaio's that i know of do not come with a floppy drive, have to buy an external.

    I should also mention that i believe my XP disk is the "Upgrade disk" to go from home to pro.

    Every update that i try to download from sony with the vista drivers selected give me the same error message "This update is not intended for use with your computer model"

  • Chris17house Apr 01, 2008

    I will be patiently waiting! This is a big headache, and your help is very much appreciated.


  • Chris17house Apr 01, 2008

    I will be patiently waiting!

    Really hope we can figure this out. It's looking like my bios should have been updated before the vista install, and the first step is to repair that if possible.

  • Chris17house Apr 10, 2008

    Is this a lost cause? Haha



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OK, this should be very simple.
First: Put in the recovery disk with XP, when it boots up to its main screen you should be given different option (eg, Repair, Format, Install new, etc...) It is different with every computer but if you read the options they are usually self explanatory.
I suggest you try the option that formats the Hard Drive and Installs a new copy first, as sometimes this works and could save you some time and effort.
If that doesn't work and you get the file system error you are going to have to do the partition thing to completley wipe the file system from the hard drive.
To do this: Reboot the computer untill you get back to that main screen and in there you should see an option to partiton the hard drive. Once in the partition software you will be given a few options like 1. create a new partition 2. create a logical drive 3. delete a partition.
First delete all active partitions, second create a new partition (here you can select if you want to use your full drive so you only have a C drive or you can split it to multiple drives, eg C,D etc.)
If you chose multiple (which i recomend, so you can save all important files to D so if you ever have to re-run your system you won't lose those files) Create your C drive by selecting how much space you want (usually 1/2 to 3/4 of the drive) then select create a new partition again and create your D drive with the space that is left (it will give you instructions as you go, just stick with the defaults) when you are finished select the second option to create a logical drive (again just let it do its thing and stick with the defaults) when you are done reboot and from that main page you will have to format both drives (or just the one if you chose that option) and Install windows again with a new install (not a repair or recover as it might try to do this from your previous attempt at installing.) thats it, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
Also Vista does have the option of using either FAT32 or NTFS so really it depends on which way it was installed, if it was installed with a FAT32 then you will have no problem just intalling XP from the start. You will only have to do the partition thing if it was installed with the NTFS file system.
Hope this helped you!
Let me know either way!

Posted on Mar 27, 2008

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  • Anonymous Mar 27, 2008

    hi Chris, I just read your other post and yes if you have to run the partition it is a dos based command prompt, but you don't have to find your way there or know dos to do it,,everything is written out for you, look to the bottom of the screen when you are in there it shows you all the key options and what they do, it is actually very simple especially if you are not computer illiterate.

    If you can read and follow directions then you should have no problem. Just take your time and read all the directions and just leave most of the options set to default. Other than splitting your hard drive if you chose to do that.

    Hopefully Vista is already set to FAT 32 and you don't have to worry about it, :-) I think you asked also if it would make the hard drive like new,,,yes it will set everything back to the way it was factory shipped (with XP that is)

  • Anonymous Mar 27, 2008

    The model number should be on the bottom of your laptop, where your serial number is.

    All that restore you are going to is going to do is reinstall Vista back to a fresh Install.

    You definetley have the wrong recovery CD or it would pick it up right away.

    You can get a replacement CD directley from the manufacturer for a small fee of $10-$20 usually but right now some are offering them free due to the fact a lot of people don't like Vista.

    My suggestion is that you find out the model number from the bottom and get the proper CD from the manufacturer, then re-try the method I posted earlier,,when you get to that stage let me know and I will guide you through the process. It usually only takes 2-3 days for them to get the disk to you.

    I'm sorry it didn't work Chris I know how frustrating it can be.

  • Anonymous Mar 28, 2008

    Hi Chris

    After reading all your posts, I was thinking about something.

    Microsoft tried really hard to pirating of there software, if the person you bought the recovery CD from on E-Bay had used the CD then that would explain why it isn't working. It is looking for the original hard drive that it was installed on.

    As for the other problem, Can I ask, is your Vista just a striaght Vista disk or is it a recovery CD to? If it is just Vista then that is your problem, Vista is going through growing pains right now and is having a lot of compatability issues, therefore it might not recognise Sony products (Sony and Microsoft are kinda at war right now due to there video game consoles). eg, nothing microsost will work on the PS3's/PsP's internet browser.

    I do have a fix for you but unfortunatley it involves a bit of cost on your part. (and I know this sucks)

    You are going to have to get a working copy of XP (seeing as how sony does not offer you the XP recovery disk anymore), and then we can start with the partitioning.

    Another option is that Microsoft is set to release its first major update for Vista (SP1) that includes many security, reliability, and performance enhancements (that they got from the windows report tool from customers). This might fix your overheating problem as well as any other issues you have. Another thing you can try is setting all you Vista settings to classic so that it runs more like XP. (this is what I have done)

    I'm not trying to talk you out of XP because I personally prefer it or Vista but if you want to save yourself the money on getting XP then these are some things you can try.

    If you already have a stand alone XP disk that is used (and you have the original cd-key) you can call microsoft and tell them you have just purchased a new hard drive and they will give you a new cd-key.

  • Anonymous Mar 29, 2008

    ok,,first question does the XP disk give you a format or partition option? Can you please let me know exactly what options it does give you.

    I just found out the problem with why it isn't finding your laptop, your bios is out of date. I am including a link to your laptop support page. First upgrade with the bios option (i will include a direct link to this with the second link) Second download all drivers and options from this page (including the bios) and save them to a folder, then burn them, they will come in handy after we get XP back on. (obviously ignore the ones that are for Vista)

    Once this is done and you have let me know the XP options available we can proceed.

    P.S. I know this is a long shot but do you know anyone still running Windows 98 or ME, it would make our job a lot easier if you do.

  • Anonymous Mar 29, 2008

    I almost forgot the links,,lol

    first one is entire page of links second one is direct link to bios update.

    also at the top of the of the page it has options for original, updates, installing another operating system, and everything.

    Original will give you all the files you need to go back to XP.

    But if you want to give Vista another chance before we wipe your system try installing the Vista updates from this link and then run windows update it may just fix your problem and save you all the work of re-running XP, from what I read Sony does have quite a few compatability issues that could be resovled from these updates.

    But ultimatley it's up to you, let me know!

  • Anonymous Mar 29, 2008

    The Vista updates are in the everything Tab although i noticed that there is no bios update for vista only xp,,sorry shoulda checked that.

    I don't suppose your laptop has a floppy and that start-up disk is a floppy? please tell me yes,,,then this is easy. If not I will figure out another way,,no worries,,I will fix the problem just bare with me as go through the elimination process.



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Help me! i delete all partition

Best thing to do is to try to get the restore cd set from SONY or reload the XP if you have XP CD (but you will still have to download the correct drivers for your laptop to get all the hardware to work properly) or original restore cd that comes with your laptop.

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I need to dump all the information on my Maxtor.

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No operating system found

This is caused by :-
1. Your hard disk has failed.
2. Your BIOS settings for the hard drive has been altered
3. Your hard drive has been wiped or someone or a virus program that has deleted critical files.

Go into your BIOS setup to check the hard disk settings, if possible see if it will auto detect the hard drive.

Also boot up with a DOS disk run FDISK to see if you can detect a hard disk, partitions etc.

If the hard disk appears OK you may be able to do a disk repair, most likely you would need to re-install the operating system and the laptop drivers for video, audio, LAN, modem etc.

Nov 15, 2008 | Sony VAIO VGN-FJ270/B Notebook

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The message would be expected since there is no hard drive. Partition Table refers to information about primary partitions and an extended partition a 64-byte data structure located in the same sector as the Master Boot Record inside the hard drive.

This might be of additional help.

Hope that this be of initial idea. Pls post back how things turned up or should you need additional information.

Good luck and kind regards. Thank you for using FixYa.

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175gb missing from 250GB hard drive


Appreciate the "Ask Me".

The only plausible explanation for the missing disk space would be the protected folder "System Volume Info".

Re-formatting would not restore your free space, however, re-partitioning would. May I suggest that you try PowerQuest Partition Magic. Of course like formatting, re-partitioning would completely delete the partition itself and would grant you back the entire disk space.

Unfortunately you can not use the same with the 1st partition since that is your active partition and presumably where your OS is residing. A workaround is to use another hard disk temporarily and transfer all the contents of partition 1 and make that eventually as your primary HD. Thereafter, re-partition again the entire 250Gb HD.

Hope this be of initial help/idea. Pls post back how things turned up or should you need additional information.

Good luck and kind regards.

Thank you for using FixYa.

Jul 27, 2008 | LaCie (300770) 250 GB Hard Drive

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Does the fj270 recovery disk from ebay make the computer like new with a blank harddrive?

I am assuming you are going back to XP?
You will run into one major problem with this process, Vista is based of Windows NT which uses a NTFS file system. XP uses the old file system of FAT32, so just wiping the hard drive probably won't work. You will have to go into your partition and re-partition your hard drive before you intall the recovery disk.
If the recovery disk is designed for your computer then yes it will restore it to all factory defaults (including drivers and software that originally came with it.
If you are not sure how to do the partition then let me know I will try to guide you through it.

Mar 27, 2008 | Sony VAIO VGN-FJ270/B Notebook

1 Answer

Sony Fj270 upgraded to vista ultimate, now cannot restore among other things.



Mar 24, 2008 | Sony VAIO VGN-FJ270/B Notebook

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