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I have been trying to ignite heater but it will not light. I removed the gas line going from the tank to a brass valve and then opened the valve on the propane tank and smelt gas.I then reconected the line and disconected the lines going to the pilot and the burner and got no gas smell.The control knob on top was also opened. I can hear a clicking noise when the knob is turned to ignight. What do you think? Can you help?

Posted by mkeith082556 on


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I had the same problem and fixed it with a small piece of Aluminum foil, an adjustable wrench, and a #2 screwdriver... If you're "handy", this is an easy 30 minute fix. I included a picture that may help you visualize the "fix" before attempting. In short, I'm not certain what happened or why/how it broke, but if you remove the valve/manifold you can blow air into the gas inlet (with your mouth) and adjust the knob and you will see that only when it's all the way pushed down you can blow air through the valve, otherwise n air/gas can not get through. Thats why the pilot will light, and when you let the knob out the flame goes out. If that is your problem, this fix will work. After I put the foil (explained below) to extend the brass pushrod that allows gas to enter the manifold, it worked as expected allowing air/gas to enter only when on "light" and through the LO to High sweep.

Step 1) Shut off gas and remove tank.

Step 2) Remove the black gas On/Off knob (pulls off)

Step 3) Remove the three on thumb screws inside the tank storage area to allow the entire top/heater mesh to slide down (like intended to store it, or how it came shipped in the box). Sliding this down will expose the bracket the manifold/valve mounts to.

Step 4) Remove the spring clip and washers from the stem on the valve. Remember the order, and dont lose any parts as this works your igniter. (I usually take a picture with my phone on these types of things, so I can recall how they went.)

Step 5) Carefully remove all the gas lines from the valve and the grounding wire at the rear of the manifold.

Step 6) Remove the two small Phillips screws that hold the valve to the bracket.

Step 7) Remove the valve from the unit.

Step 8) Remove the two small #2 Phillips screws that hold the aluminum and the brass parts together on the valve.

Step 9) Give a slight tug and the two pieces will come apart easily. A small aluminum part may fall out; this is okay as it only goes in one way.

Step 10) Take a small piece of aluminum foil 1 1/2 inches by 7 inches or so, and wadd it tight into a ball. I used pliers to get it tight and small (bigger than BB, but smaller than the end of a pencil eraser) You will see that it needs to go inside the channel where the brass stem will slide in and out of the "slotted" tube on the stem.

Step 11) Put it back together and try the "blow test" again to see if the aluminum ball was the right size to make it work ...again. I had to do this a few times to get the right size "extension". Also, be sure to blow into the "main" gas inlet and adjust the gas control knob through the push in and "light" the pilot mode all through the Hi/Lo sweep.

Reverse your steps and give it a try. Mine lights every time and works perfect. ...actually better than new, as it was always a task to light.

Hope this was helpful, as this was my first post...
I have been trying to ignite heater but it will - 7a355e5.jpg

Posted on Dec 15, 2009

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  • Snewt Jun 21, 2011

    FANTASTIC! Thank you for posting these detailed instructions.

    I can ADD: I tried the aluminum foil ball, but struggled to find the right size. So instead it dawned on me that I had a package of some of those small, white replacement mechanical-pencil erasers. Cylindrically - they were the perfect diameter to fit inside the brass channel, and I could also trim-trim-trim it down to find the perfect length. Also, I was able to taper one end with an X-acto knife to match the brass end piece, and drilled a tiny bit out of the other end to meet the silver "pin" of the knob stem. (ie: male-female ends)

  • nickmo81
    nickmo81 Oct 16, 2012

    I CANNOT get the control knob back together so that the knob will turn. It took me forever to get it to push in. What am I doing wrong?

  • nickmo81
    nickmo81 Oct 16, 2012

    I CANNOT get the control knob back together so that it will turn to adjust the heat. What am I doing wrong? I have been working on this fix far too long now...

  • nickmo81
    nickmo81 Oct 16, 2012

    I cannot get the stem back together so that the control knob will turn. What am I doing wrong?

  • john Farrugia Nov 11, 2012

    I am also having the same issue. I understand the units have a shut off if the unit is tipped too far. I read a while back that this can cause problems even after it is upright. Does anyone (nickmo81) have any ideas on this. I cannot even get the pilot to light, I have gas coming from the hose off the tank, Once I reconnect this fitting everything stops......

  • nickmo81
    nickmo81 Nov 28, 2012

    John, we finally got our put back together properly. It all has to fit just so and it took two pairs of hands to get it back together. Were you able to get yours back together? My control knob is actully a little tight now, but works.



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I have a Hayward h300 pool heater. We just opened the pool the other day and noticed the heater wouldn't work. The display is showing "IF" which I looked up to be an ignition failure. Can anyone give me an...

Most common reason I have found is the heater is not getting fuel. Most times the gas line shut off valve is not open. Other times the gas line may have air in it and that is what is going across the pilot and air won't ignite until the gas gets there. In the meantime, the attempts will get to the point when the ignition failure code will pop up. Try multiple times and see if it will ignite after you check your shut off valves, and the dial on the heaters gas valve itself, make sure it is on "On".

If all that fails, lightly tap the gas valve with the handle of a screwdriver. Sometimes over the Off season, the aluminum parts in the gas valve get sticky & won't open and close properly until they operate once or twice. But if that is the case, I personally would rather replace the valve, because if it sticks in the closed position, it could stick in open position as well and not turn off?
Good luck

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Check lite stays on

On the back side of the refrigerator (behind the access panel) you will see a small brass valve that the copper supply line is connected to. Ensure that the line on the small knob is aligned horizontally. Ensure that you have full tanks of LP gas and that the bottles are open and the regulator is allowing LP gas through. Have someone turn the refrigerator off then back on in gas mode while you stand outside and listen for the gas valve to open (you should hear a hard click sound) and shortly after you should hear the igniter click several times to light the flame. If you do not hear the gas valve open then either your gas valve is bad or the board is bad. If the valve opens but you do not hear the igniter, again you may have a bad board or bad igniter.

Apr 06, 2014 | Dometic RM2652 Refrigerator

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Rv heater keeps running

Try cycling your disconnects a few times. Turn off the propane at the tank. Turn on the vent fan. Then turn on the furnace. Yes' I said turn off the gas and turn on the furnace. As the furnace tries to ignite "you will hear the spark" SLOWLY open the gas valve. I say slowly because the tank valve has a safety feature that stops the flow of gas if it is going to fast. By opening the valve slowly the gas will pressurize the line and the valve will stay open.
Here is the reasoning behind this. If your refrigerator, water heater or anything else gas was turned on while the gas valve was off the pressure left the line. When you turned the gas back on there was a rush that let the over sensitive safety valve kick out.

Some models have an electric safety valve connected after the regulator and it is controlled by the gas leak detector. If that detector is set off by anything..hairspray, Frebreeze, bug spray, silicone spray etc... it will turn off the gas at that electric solenoid. Clear the offending spray and reset the detector.

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Just purchast and installed everything hooked up push the sparker looking through window I see nothing

You posted under Reliance gas water heater
You installed a new gas water heater and are trying to light water heater using the piezo igniter.

Not clear is what steps you have taken so far, and which gas control valve is on the new water heater, and what lighting instructions say on side of water heater.
Also unknown if you bled air out of gas line, or if gas shut-off handle is rotated so handle is parallel with gas line.
Read instructions written on side of tank, open link below to double-check installation, and then add a comment with steps you have taken so far, and describe the type of gas control valve on water heater.

Jul 03, 2011 | Reliance Natural Gas Water Heater Control

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No hot water. Constant beeping at the tank. Tempature gauge flashing 11.

Before calling service technician, open following links for Rheem troubleshoot resources including Rheem chat and typical service manual and typical product manual.

Error codes are start place for troubleshooting:
Error 11 is 'gas is inadequate' or 'ignition failure'
Open gas valve so handle is parallel with gas line.
Bleed air from gas lines.
Check that appliance is grounded.
Check igniter wires and harness for damage.
Check that vertical vent length does not exceed limit.
Other causes: Gas inlet solenoid valve, bad igniter, solenoid valve, flame rod.

Jun 14, 2011 | Rheem Tankless Hot Water Heater...

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I have a reliance 501 propane gas water heater how do i change a thermostate


To change a gas hot water heater thermostat you will need to first buy a new gas valve for your hot water heater. The gas vaive and the thermostat are integrated into one unit.

To replace the thermostat on a gas hot water heater you must follow these procedures....

1. Turn off the incoming water and drain the water heater.

2. remove the pilot tube, the burner gas tube and the thermocouple from the gas valve. Turn off the gas line and remove from the gas valve.

3. get a pump pliers or a wrench in behind the gas valve and turn the whole assembly CCW to remove it from the tank.

4. After appliying pipe dope or tape to the new gas valve threads, turn the new gas valve into the tank by turning in a CW direction. Be careful not to damage the small wires to the ECO. They are the little red wires on the back. If you break them the assembly is irreparably damaged.

5. reinstall the gas line, thermocouple, burner tube, and the pilot tube to the gas valve.

6. Fill tank with water. Make sure to open a hot water faucet and purge all air from the tank.

7. Check for leaks where the gas line hooks up with soapy water.

8. Relight pilot light and check operation.

9. Set the new temperature setting to a medium setting and then adjust the temperature to your likeing from there and adequate time for heating completely.



1 Answer

We had to switch propane tanks and run more copper tubing, our old tank ran empty. We are trying to relight heaters but they won't light. Is there something we need to do to the heater so they will...

yes - your husband is right, there is a auto cut off on the regulator itself. there is a chance that the cut off has failed. you can check this by simply undoing the gas line that leaves the regulator and cracking open the valve and see ( hear/smell ) if gas is coming out,, if gas is coming out then the cut off is working and the problem is down the line somewhere ( like another valve right at the heater ) ---... if you hear no gas coming out then the cut off is bad and you will need to replace the regulator with a new one.
also check for the smell and sound of gas at the heater while you are trying to light it -- ( NOTE: don't hold the gas button down to long if you do hear/smell gas and it is not lighting , because as soon as it does start it will flash in a BIG fire ball,,, between testings -- always let it air out some and then try again ) --- if the igniter is not lighting the fuel then use a lighter or a propane torch to get it going,, I have seen the thermo coupler go bad on the units and that will only allow the flow of gas during ' pilot ' light mode but will go out right away when you move the switch to ' ON '. ( just food for thought ).
stay warm out there ---


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Pilot runs gas valve clicks but no ignition dayton 3e226c

There is a small Allen head screw in the gas valve that can be removed to test for gas after the gas valve. When the gas valve opens, gas should be present at that port. If none, you have a bad gas valve. If you gas gas, then there must be a restriction at the main burner.

Jan 21, 2011 | Dayton Gas Furnace Heater

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Slight water leak from plastic drain fitting on rheem fury 40 gal gas water heater

You can try to crack it open and get a little piece of crud out of there, I'm sure that is all it is, Just get a tray or something to catch the water, It should stop it, If it gets worse, turn the water off to the heater, then open the valve and hope the bigger piece of crud comes out. It is about all you can do, other than drain the whole thing and take the valve apart and replace the rubber in it. Check it out, Hope this helps.

Dec 12, 2010 | Rheem Water Heaters

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Endless Summer Patio Heaters won't stay lit

Hi ColdinSF,

You need to remove the covers from the unit and blow out the gas lines with compressed air. If you can remove the gas lines blow out the lines and what they connect to like the pilot light and main feed line to the burner. Usually they gunk up with use and just need to be blown out with compressed air to clear the lines again. Maybe you have some dirt or foreign object from your gas tank which has clogged the line. Also check the igniter electric lines as well and make sure everything is connected properly. Especially make sure you tighten the gas lines you remove. Hope this helps.


Oct 19, 2007 | Endless Summer gwt501a Open Flame Patio...

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